Welcome to Madklubben Aarhus                                                                

Right by the harbor, at the end of “Åen”, close to Dokk1, as neighbors to the tramway and in the middle of it all you’ll find Madklubben Aarhus. In the city’s stunning old custom house, which has lived to be inhabited by tax officials, architecture pupils and party-minded university students alike, we’ve created an eatery shaped by and for Aarhus. At Madklubben our mission is to serve great food at more than fair prices. We want to be the alternative to your dinner at home – Aarhus’ natural and vibrant gathering point on a Tuesday as well as a Saturday.

Celebrate the New Year with a delightful dinner at Madklubben Aarhus  

Celebrate the New Year with a delightful dinner at Madklubben Aarhus  

Looking for a fun and food-tastic New Year’s Eve? Then Madklubben Aarhus is your go to place. Join us for our New Year’s celebration in full form, when we invite you in to our grand dining space located at Hack Kampmanns Plads by the Aarhus harbor. Take a seat and prepare for a dinner in a scene decorated with raw and industrial details such as oak tables set with cutlery in buckets, chairs from the local J.L. Møllers Factory alongside Danish design icons from Børge Mogensen and Hans J. Wegner. With a open view to the kitchen and cocktail bar, the restaurant also creates an atmosphere filled with bustling and festive vibes.

Our special composed 5 course dinner offers both 4 sublime snacks to kick off your New Year’s celebration and temptations such as ceviche of cod, creamy lobster bisque, roasted beef tenderloin from the local Himmerland plus not to forget: Our indispensable Gateau Marvel to round off the festive feast!

Take part in our New Year celebrations for the great price of DKK 700 by clicking here. Are you bringing the kids? No worries. We offer a “children edition” of our New Year’s Eve menu for DKK 300 right here. On our webpage, you’ll also find practical information and luxurious additional options such as our tailored wine menu or lobster tail for your bisque.

At 11.30 pm we thank you for tonight and wish each other a happy New Year so our lovely staff can get home and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family. We are looking forward to be sending you happy and full towards the new year!

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Create a historical setting for your Christmas dinner at Madklubben Aarhus

Create a historical setting for your Christmas dinner at Madklubben Aarhus

At Madklubben Aarhus we’re serving Christmas dinner favorites and tempting creations. Experience the cozy Christmas spirit in our grand restaurant located at the Aarhus harbor.

Let historical settings filled with raw and industrial elements set the stage for your Christmas dinner this year. You and your party will dine at oak tables set with cutlery in buckets and surrounded by chairs from J.L. Møllers Factory on the outskirts of Aarhus alongside Danish design icons from Børge Mogensen and Hans J. Wegner.

And also in the kitchen the historical aspect comes to show, when our chefs pull out the tempting traditions and add a great portion of Christmas spirit and a “Madklubben twist”. Try for example our cured salmon with warm spices, lemon, creamy horseradish with dill oil and butter roasted sourdough bread. Or maybe our take on Confit de Canard served with pickled lingonberries, potato purée, crispy salad made from winter cabbage and almonds? As the grand final you must not forget: Madklubben’s risalamande – a traditional Danish rice pudding here served with caramelized almonds and cherry sorbet.

Click here if you wish to see all your options and how you book a table. Less than 10 persons? No worries – if you just bring the party, we’ll bring the food! The restaurant’s Christmas à la carte comes into force from November 6th.

aarhus aarhus aarhus

Great news: Soon you can get take away delivered from ALL OF Madklubben’s restaurants!

Great news: Soon you can get take away delivered from ALL OF Madklubben’s restaurants!

In April something new and exciting happened at three of Madklubben’s popular restaurants. After many year’s of hungry requests from our guests, Alabama Social, Gran Torino and Food Club opened for take away. And we think it has gone quite well. In fact we think it has gone so well, that we’ve decided to expand the concept to ALL of the restaurants in the Madklubben family!

We will start with our pizza joints Frankies from October 20th, and in the coming weeks the rest of the restaurants will follow. So soon you will be able to enjoy our juicy steaks, great salads, delicious desserts and much, much more whenever and wherever you want!

Wolt will be our partner in this endeavor, and it will be possible to order your food directly via Wolt’s mobile app and directly from Wolt’s website.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about the menus from our take away restaurants, and we will be sure to let your know when a new restaurant is open for take away. Until then you can work up an appetite and look forward to honest and tasty take away from Saturday October 20th. We sure do!

Now you can book at table: Madklubben Grill opens in Aarhus Tuesday the 6th of November

Now you can book at table: Madklubben Grill opens in Aarhus Tuesday the 6th of November

It isn’t very long ago that we announced that our second restaurant in Aarhus is on it’s way. Guess what? The good news continue: Dinnerbooking is now open, so you can book a table for your next dinner experience at Madklubben Grill.

Madklubben Grill is the name for our new restaurant, and here we will be ready to welcome you inside from Tuesday the 6th of November to a totally renovated dining space with Danish designs and great food for small prices. The last details of the menu are currently being worked out, but we can already now say, that you can look forward to a broad selection of tempting à la carte dishes such as shrimp cocktail, duck, cheeseburger, lobster, cheesecake and much more.

Has this article created an immediate appetite for a visit to Madklubben Grill? Then hurry up and visit our online reservation – it has already opened! Follow this link to make a reservation at Madklubben Grill. Are you more to an “old style kind a gal/guy?”. Then you can also make your reservation by phone: 38 41 01 14 or E-mail: grill@madklubben.dk. Madklubben Grill will be open on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

We can’t wait to see you!

Madklubben Grill


New Year’s Eve 2018/2019: Tickets are now available

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019: Tickets are now available

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 is slowly getting closer. And even though it mentally still feels like miles away, we can’t stop being just a little excited for this always amazing and festive evening. True to tradition we repeat the succes of the last couple of year’s and invite you to a New Year’s Eve dinner at all Madklubben’s restaurants on the last day of the year. Theres something for everyone (and every age!) and the prices span from DKK 600 to DKK 1.400 per person. While some of our restaurants let you pick and choose your own beverages others have gone the extra mile to tailor an elegant wine pairing as a part of the package.

This year – for something special – we also would love to welcome you inside to our New Year’s Eve dinner at Madklubben’s event space at Østerbro. This will be a social dining experience with an upscale 3 course dinner, free beverages, bubbles and bingo on the program!

Click the on the name of the restaurant of your choice underneath a restaurant name in order to be redirected to our online store where you can purchase your tickets. You can also have a full overview of your options at shop.madklubben.dk/en.

Madklubbens selskabslokaler

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe 

Madklubben Steak

Madklubben Vesterbro

Madklubben Aarhus

Madklubben Østerbro

Madklubben Frederiksberg

Madklubben Grill

Bistro Royal

Brasserie Royal



Tony’s Havnegade

Alabama Social


Frankies Østerbro

Bar Next Door – our cocktail bar in Nørrebro will be transformed into an elegant restaurant with 40 seats for New Year’s Eve.

nytårsaften nytårsaften nytårsaften

Madklubben expands: Soon we will open our second restaurant in Aarhus

Madklubben expands: Soon we will open our second restaurant in Aarhus

Yes, you heard right! We love Aarhus, our wonderful staff and the great welcome of Madklubben, that we have experienced. Therefore we wish to expand and are now on our way with our second restaurant in Aarhus City.

Inspiration and experience will be collected from Bistro Royal and Madklubben Steak in Copenhagen, but it won’t be a copy hereof or a Madklubben Aarhus 2.0, that we will open up for. The atmosphere will be created by New York vibes, Danish design and Francophile feelings, and you can look forward to an à la carte menu including everything from steak, tartare, fish, pork and duck to green and garnish in all forms. Oh and not to forget a decent wine menu with something for all preferences. The price of a 3 course dinner will be around DKK 300, and for lunch we will offer classic bistro serverings and Danish “smørrebrød” for also a favorable price.


We will take over the rustic location of the previous restaurant and night club “Castenskiold” – right at the sunny side of the central creek in Aarhus, just a few hundred meters away from our other address at Hack Kampmanns Plads. Our preparations for the renovation project are already in full motion, and we are looking forward to welcome you inside to a newly renovated dining spot with capacity of 120 guests indoors. We are quite sure that our 100 seats outside in the sun also will be a great hit when the weather is nice.


We won’t miss out of the cozy months of Christmas, why we will be ready to open up for our new restaurant already in November this year, which we are still working on finding the the perfect name for. In sight we look forward to also be opening up for breakfast and hereby be an all day restaurant.

Follow along on right this site where we will keep you updated with all sneak peeks, menus, pictures and other news. Stay tunes – we can’t wait!

Restaurant Restaurant

Madklubben take part of this year’s Food Festival in Aarhus

Madklubben take part of this year’s Food Festival in Aarhus

If there is something Madklubben is fond of then it is great food and the entire social aspect revolved around dining experiences. We have recently opened up our restaurant in Aarhus, and now we are more than happy to also be joining the biggest food event in the Northern Europe – this year’s Food Festival located at “Tangkrogen” in Aarhus.

Madklubben is one out of the four resturants with a booth at Food Festival, and here we are looking forward to welcome enthusiastic chefs, producers, youngsters, elder, adults, children and most importantly: You! We will on a daily basis sell delicious food-favorites for favorable prices. Among our selection you will find Madklubben’s béarnaise burger with homemade béarnaise sauce, crispy truffle popcorn, focaccia bread with garlic mascarpone and a creamy risotto with seasonal greens – all for prices from DKK 10 to DKK 85.

Friday night we look forward to take part of the “ultimate Aarhus dinner” – a cosy and intimate dining experience, where we will serve you 2 delicious courses plus snacks from near and afar by the long dining table at the festival location. But hurry up buying tickets. The dinner is a closed event with only 70 available seats!

Saturday you can find out more about Madklubben’s history and our vision for Madklubben Aarhus, when our owner, Anders Aagaard, and our kitchen chef in Aarhus, Peter Daniel Madsen, take the stage for an exciting talk. Here they will answer questions in regards of: Why are we here? What do we wish to contribute with in Aarhus? And what is the DNA of Madklubben?

Furthermore, you can all throughout the weekend experience the loads of areas, workshops and events of the Food Festival. Do you wish to find out more about the festival and our events? Find more information at www.foodfestival.dk/en or buy your tickets directly by clicking here.

Don’t wanna miss any updates? Follow along at the official Facebook event right here. We look forward to an all around food celebration in real Aarhus style!

Aarhus Aarhus Aarhus

Check out the brand new pictures of the food and interior design at Madklubben Aarhus

Check out the brand new pictures of the food and interior design at Madklubben Aarhus

On Tuesday May 15th we’re officially opening the doors to the very first Madklubben in Jutland. We’re thoroughly looking forward to welcoming guest in the old custom house on the harbor front in Aarhus where raw and industrial surroundings meet Danish design and honest, tasty cooking. Spend the last few days of waiting with a tour of the new photo gallery, which you can find by clicking here.

Sneak Peek: Here is the menu for Madklubben Aarhus

Sneak Peek: Here is the menu for Madklubben Aarhus

We are currently working on building both our restaurant and web page in Aarhus. Very soon we will be open for reservations, but as a little teaser you can already now discover the menu which you will find in the restaurant when we open Madklubben Aarhus Tuesday the May 15th.

You can look forward to a plentitude of Madklubben’s favorite dishes inspired from the Danish and French kitchen. Swing by for a single course with a beer on the side or compose your very own 3 course dinner for a little as DKK 225. Like at all other Madklubben restaurants there’s room for the epicurean who wants to upgrade with tenderloin, truffles and other delicacies for a few extra “kroner” as well as the student arriving with a tight budget but expecting a tasty bang for the buck.

Se the full menu for Madklubben Aarhus by clicking here!

Several of the ideas our guest from Aarhus wrote on the walls at our pop up at the Aarhus Festival in 2016 has also made their way to our menu. Here we have room for both a Danish luxury “tartelet”, burger, crispy fries, tartare, chili mayo, risotto (made with pearl barley though) and plenty of béarnaise. In the drinking department there is – as required – budget friendly, high quality cocktails and even an “Aarhus set” made from an ice cold “Ceres Top” beer with an “Arnbitter” on the side.

We have also just launched the full wine list, our cocktails selection as well as our group menus and online reservation. Follow along right here and at our Facebook page. We are looking forward to welcome you at Madklubben Aarhus!


Wanna be a part of the Madklubben team? We are always looking for new employees

Wanna be a part of the Madklubben team? We are always looking for new employees

Madklubben is a company in constant development and with capacity of 16 restaurants, we are always in search of skilled and smiling waiters, chefs, students and booking staff for our business.

Who is Madklubben? The dream from day one has been to create eateries that serve excellent food for reasonable prices so you can dine out on an unpretentious Tuesday as well as on a festive Saturday. Our concept is simple but certainly does not compromise on quality – whether it concerns our service on the floor or what we create in the kitchen.

What we offer:

  • A strong company in constant development
  • An organization for whom “honesty tastes best!”
  • Unique teamwork among the employees
  • An attractive work schedule
  • Benefits for employees
  • An attractive salary based on qualification

If you want to be part of the Madklubben family and are ready for new challenges in an exciting business, then please send an application and your resume today at job@madklubben.dk. We look forward to welcome you to the club!