About Madklubben Aarhus

Right by the harbor, at the end of “Åen”, close to Dokk1, as neighbors to the tramway and in the middle of it all you’ll find Madklubben Aarhus. In the city’s stunning old custom house, which has lived to be inhabited by tax officials, architecture pupils and party-minded university students alike, we’ve created an eatery shaped by and for Aarhus. At Madklubben our mission is to serve great food at more than fair prices. We want to be the alternative to your dinner at home – Aarhus’ natural and vibrant gathering point on a Tuesday as well as a Saturday.

Madklubben Aarhus has been several years in the making. For a long time, we’ve dreamt of expanding the success from Copenhagen to Denmark’s second largest city. We simply had to do it the right way. That’s why we’ve painstakingly worked with sourcing ideas for the menu from Aarhus’ own citizens, crafted furniture with local workshops and hunted for the perfect venue. It all comes together in the old custom house where a historic setting filled with raw and industrial elements are accompanied by an open entrée kitchen and a cocktail bar as the beating heart in the center of the open space. The guests dine at oak tables set with cutlery in buckets and surrounded by chairs from J.L. Møllers Factory on the outskirts of Aarhus alongside Danish design icons from Børge Mogensen and Hans J. Wegner.

We offer a dining experience of high quality with service and prices you can understand. Swing by for a single dish and a beer or compose your own three course dinner from as little as 225 dkk. Like at all other Madklubben restaurants there’s room for the epicurean who wants to upgrade with tenderloin, truffles and other delicacies for a few “kroner” extra as well as the student arriving with a tight budget but expecting a tasty bang for the buck. Madklubben Aarhus is for the cool and the kitsch. For the young and the old. For competive eaters and those who just want to snack a little. For the guy that only drinks water and the girl looking for great cocktails. In short: For all.

Are you bringing the kids? How wonderful! At Madklubben Aarhus we have a cozy play room where the kids can have fun while you enjoy your dinner at your own pace. The play room in collaboration with an artist decorated with warm colors plus animals on the walls and is furthermore filled up with drawing facilities, kids TV and Bobles tumble furniture. We look forward to see you!

Madklubben’s Manifesto

At Madklubben we say that ”honesty tastes best”. That goes for our food, our staff, our pricing structure and the way we run a restaurant in it self. That’s why we’ve operated with a manifesto from day one. A manifesto that gives our guests an idea of how a visit to Madklubben will play out and how we manage to serve up big taste at small prices.

[1] we provide good wine and ditto food in pleasant surroundings – we will not bore you with long stories about the food and we are not necessarily aware of the intimate details of wine making.

[2] you take an active part in the enjoyment of your meal – you pour your own wine and we invite you to discover the individual components of your dish by reading the menu underneath your plate – this is how we can serve quality ingredients & great wines at affordable prices.

[3] our colleagues who are tasked with the most important job of all (namely, ensuring your well-being) are chosen for their good spirit and contagious laughter, not their intense study of wines and cheeses – if you have any questions, just ask – the answer can probably be found, and we are always willing to look for it.

[4] if we do not live up to your expectations – please say so immediately! we can probably solve the problems now and save your evening – tomorrow it is too late!