Welcome to Alabama Social

Take a trip down to the deep American South without ever leaving Copenhagen. Right by ”Queen Louise’s Bridge” in Nørrebro, located right on the bank of Copenhagen’s ”Lakes” you’ll find Alabama Social: Our Tribute to everything Cajun, Créole and Soul Food. We interpret favorites from Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and beyond. The Southern kitchen is a melting pot of French, African and American influences and you can enjoy your meal in a restaurant decked out in quirky knick-knacks and flea market finds. Compose a three course dinner from DKK 325.

Welcome 2018 with an exquisite New Year’s Eve dinner at Alabama Social

Welcome 2018 with an exquisite New Year’s Eve dinner at Alabama Social

Our American restaurant – Alabama Social – celebrates the culinary heritage from the deep South and plans to end 2017 in style. Enjoy no less than 5 scrumptious dishes accompanied by Champagne, gorgeous wines and an Espresso Martini. We’re gonna pull out all the stops with beef tartare, langoustine, tender steaks and a sinful white chocolate dessert.

The New Year’s celebration must not be forgotten, why we look forward to serve up an unique New Year’s Eve dinner in true American style. The scene is set for a wonderful evening with beautiful surroundings by the beloved attraction in Copenhagen: “the lakes”. We’ve prepped our restaurant for a celebratory evening with dark wooden tables, streamlined leather couches and black Børge Mogensen chairs. If you’ll make sure bring the party, we promise to bring you the food!

Welcome 2018 with a bite of our delicate “tartare taco” – tatare on crispy taco with pickles and truffle mayo – or our refined “midnight mousse” made of white chocolate with seared white chocolate, blackcurrant sorbet and dried blackcurrant berries. In true New Year’s Eve spirit we skip the coffee and instead enjoy an espresso martini which will (besides give you a caffeine kick) speed up your New Year’s festivities.

Read more and take part in our New Year’s celebrations for the great price of DKK 1200 right here. At 11.30 pm we thank you for tonight and wish each other a happy New Year so our lovely staff can get home and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family. We are looking forward to be sending you happy and full towards the new year.

Spice up your Christmas party with the taste of real pleasure at Alabama Social

Spice up your Christmas party with the taste of real pleasure at Alabama Social

The deep American South has come to Copenhagen. At Alabama Social in Copenhagen’s vibrant Nørrebro district you can expect comfort food and Cajun classics served in an eclectic and homely Christmas setting.

According to the definition of the Danish word “hygge”, it implies a special feeling, wellbeing and pleasure – a concept we can support! And even though “hygge” is a Danish thing, it doesn’t mean, that it isn’t to be found on your quick visit to the Southern American states at Alabama Social. Here we play with the American Christmas spirit and ensure sophisticated surroundings for this year’s Christmas party with dark wooden tables, elegant leader sofas and Danish Børge Mogensen chairs.

And not just our Christmas spirit is filled with American pleasure – so is our food! In the kitchen we’re busy cooking clam soup with scallops and bacon, stuffed turkey the real American way, roasted roots with orange and pumpkin seeds and a splendid pecan pie with vanilla ice cream on the side. So if you’re not into classic Danish herring, pork sausage or ris á la mande then come together and wish each other “merry xmas”, ”joy to the world” and ”happy holidays” with a Christmas dinner at Alabama Social.

Click here if you wish to see all your options and how you book a table. Less than 10 persons? No worries – if you just bring the party, we’ll bring the food! The restaurant’s Christmas à la carte comes into force from November 7th.

PS. Remember you can continue the celebrations at Madklubben’s cocktail bar Bar Next Door after your Christmas dinner.

Get your tickets for Thanksgiving dinner at Alabama Social now

Get your tickets for Thanksgiving dinner at Alabama Social now

True to tradition Madklubben’s American restaurant will serve up a bountiful Thanksgiving feast on Thursday November 23rd 2017. Get ready for clam chowder, stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie with all the works and a southern Alabama Social twist. This year we’ve even lowered the price to 300 DKK for dinner and 200 DKK for the tailored wine pairing.

Say ”thank you for a lovely year”, say ”thank you for the support”, say ”thank you for the invitation”, say ”thank you for dinner”. There are plenty of ways to be thankful and the most important thing is that you make sure to fill the seats around the table with people you care about. Whether it’s just the boyfriend who needs a night out or you want to bring your entire family along you’re all more than welcome.

Tickets for Thanksgiving 2017 can be purchased through shop.madklubben.dk – but hurry up, ’cause they’re already selling like warm cornbread.

Thanksgiving Menu 2017:

Creamy soup with mussels, sweet potato and chorizo

STUFFED TURKEY – served to share
Roasted turkey breast stuffed with bread crumbs, herbs, garlic and chili

Sweet ‘n’ Sour Mash – Purée of potatoes, sweet potatoes, cream cheese and sour cream
Pickled cranberries
Cajun gravy
Brussels sprouts in a creamy rosemary sauce
Green bean salad with bacon and apples
Freshly baked cornbread with cayenne butter

A classic served with vanilla ice cream

Alabama Social

Alabama Social

Got the Christmas party under control yet?

Got the Christmas party under control yet?

Okay, so we know you might be thinking ”Why on earth are they advertising for Christmas already?”, while you pause and realize that it might actually not be that long before the malls are covered in sparkly ornaments and supermarkets are packed with candy canes and peppernuts (check the link to learn more about this classic Danish Christmas cookie.)

Don’t worry there’s still some time to go, but it’s now you have to get going with booking a table if you want to secure the perfect date and time for this year’s Christmas dinner with your colleagues, friends or family.

We’ve gathered all our restaurants on one festive and ”Christmassy” landing page (we thought about dressing it up even further with snow and elves, but we thought it would be better to ease you into it.) On the site groups of 10 guests or more can explore classic and more untraditional Christmas restaurant experiences all characterized by scrumptious food and more than fair prices.

See you at madklubben.dk/en/christmas soon!

Fireworks for foodies: The tickets for New Year’s Eve have been released

Fireworks for foodies: The tickets for New Year’s Eve have been released

End 2017 with a bang at one of Madklubben’s restaurants in Copenhagen. Our skilled chefs have developed a range of delicious and elegant menus, which can be enjoyed at our beautiful venues across town from as little as DKK 500 per person. If you know just a little about New Year’s prices in the Danish capital, you’ll also know that it’s quite the scoop.

While some of our restaurants serve up a menu for DKK 500 with the option of adding a tailored wine menu other restaurants have opted to include the beverages in the package price, which will run at DKK 1.000 as a result. At Alabama Social and Bar Next Door they’re pulling out all the stops with spectacular wines and cocktails resulting in a seat price of DKK 1.200 and DKK 1.400 respectively.

Get the full low down on all your dining options for New Year’s Eve on December 31st 2017 and secure your tickets already today. Tickets for Madklubben Østerbro and Hanzō will be released in the coming weeks.

Check out the menu for Madklubben’s grand food crawl in Nørrebro

Check out the menu for Madklubben’s grand food crawl in Nørrebro

On Sunday August 27th 2017 you can cross both Alabama Social, Gran Torino and Madklubben Nørrebro off your ”where I want to dine”-list. We’re hosting an impressive Food Crawl as part of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, which means you’ll be able to eat at all three restaurants in the same evening.

Enjoy your starter at one venue, the main course at another restaurant and the dessert at a third and completely different spot. You can read all about the Food Crawl concept on the ticket sale page. There are still available seats and a three course menu served at three different restaurants including a glass of bubbly will only set you back DKK 300 per person.

Check out the menus for the Food Crawl in Nørrebro here:

Route 1:

Starter at Madklubben Nørrebro
Beef tartare with lemongrass, galanga and taro crisps

Main course at Gran Torino:
Pizza two ways: ”Roger Nelson” with potato, goat’s cheese and rosemary + ”N’duja” with provolone and spicy sausage

Dessert at Alabama Social:
Ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter ice cream

Rute 2:

Starter at Gran Torino:
Carpaccio: Thin slices of beef, pine nuts, parmesan and truffle oil

Main course at Alabama Social:
Grill plate with ribs, sausages and hot wings. Served with Jerk mayo, BBQ, coleslaw, fries, corn on the cob and cornbread

Dessert at Madklubben Nørrebro:
Vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and sabayonne

Rute 3:

Starter at Alabama Social:
Corn dog made from lobster and prawns

Main course at Madklubben Nørrebro:
Boneless chicken from the grill with an airy cream sauce and crispy potato

Dessert at Gran Torino:
Panna cotta with white chocolate, forest berries and crumble

The Sunday brunch at Alabama Social is taking a summer break

The Sunday brunch at Alabama Social is taking a summer break


Normally guests are flocking to Madklubben’s deep Southern restaurant, Alabama Social, to indulge in Sunday favorites such as peanut butter and jelly croissants, hot wing, quesadillas with deep fried shrimp and towers of pancakes. But with summer and sunshine also comes an urge to replace the heavy brunch fare with something a bit lighter, which is reflected in the number of reservations.

That’s why Alabama Social’s Sunday brunch is taking a summer break in July and August. But don’t despair! The popular concept will return from Sunday September 3rd 2017. Alabama Social’s opening hours during the summer is thus:

  • Monday to Thursday: 5:30 pm till midnight (the kitchen closes at 10 pm)
  • Friday and Saturday: 5:30 om till midnight (the kitchen closes at 10:30 pm)
  • Sunday: Closed

Explore the scrumptious dishes from Alabama Social here and book your table for dinner online in a snap.

Unleash your inner Uncle Sam when we celebrate 4th of July at Alabama Social

Unleash your inner Uncle Sam when we celebrate 4th of July at Alabama Social

The president of The United States of America certainly knows how to cause a stir. But no matter what you think of the current political climate in “the promised land, it’s important to hold on to what we love most about America: The food! Luckily American holidays and special occasions – no matter if it’s the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving or 4th of July – always involve eating, and the latter is just around the corner.

At Madklubben’s American restaurant Alabama Social, inspired by the deep Southern cuisine, we’ll celebrate Independence Day on Tuesday the 4th of July 2017 with a lavish menu sporting delicacies such as patriotic salad wedges, a culinary greeting from Mexico and BBQ-drenched fireworks from the grill.

Enjoy the food in the festively decorated restaurant, which sits right on the bank of Copenhagen’s man-made lakes. Please note, that the regular à la carte menu will not be available on this particular evening.

The 5 course menu will be served in 4 heats and costs DKK 395 per person. If you feel like going all out why not order the full “Independence Day Package”, which also includes a glass of bubbly upon arrival, wine pairing, coffee and mineral water priced at DKK 695? Check out our 4th of July menu in full detail here and book your table before it’s to late. The seats tend to sell out fast!

– Patriotic Wedges –
The Blue: Endive with blue cheese, pears & walnuts
The Red: Iceberg lettuce with crab
The White: Romaine lettuce with ceviche

– Alabama Hot Wings –
Fried chicken wings with Buffalo sauce

– Crayfish Quesadilla –
Quesadilla with cream cheese, chili and crayfish

– Fireworks From The Grill –
BBQ glazed ribs, jerk marinated chicken and grilled sausages
served with coleslaw, fries, grilled corn, cornbread, Creole mayo
and BBQ sauce to share around the table

– Strawberry Brownie –
Dark chocolate, strawberries and marshmallow fluff

 The 4th of July feast: DKK 395 DKK per person

  • 5 dishes served in 4 heats as listed above DKK 395 per person
  • [children get half size portions at half the price]

The Independence Day Package: DKK 695 per person

  • A glass of bubbly
  • The 4th of July Feast
  • Wine Menu
  • Mineral Water
  • Coffee or tea

Dine at both Gran Torino, Alabama Social and Madklubben Nørrebro in one evening

Dine at both Gran Torino, Alabama Social and Madklubben Nørrebro in one evening

You know the scenario: You feel like dining out but just can’t decide on where to go or what you’re in the mood for. Should you opt for Italian? American? Or maybe just play it safe with a great steak? On Sunday August 27th you don’t have to choose because we’re giving you a unique possibility to visit no less than three great restaurants in just one night.

As part of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival we’re hosting a Food Crawl in Copenhagen’s vibrant Nørrebro District, which means you’ll have your starter at one restaurant, your main course at another restaurant and your dessert at a third and entirely different restaurant. The participating venues are Gran Torino, Alabama Social and Madklubben Nørrebro – all conveniently located side by side along the city’s manmade lakes marking the border between downtown Copenhagen and Nørrebro.

Check out this video from last year’s Food Crawl:

The tickets have already been released and they’re selling like hotcakes. A ticket to Madklubben’s Food Crawls costs DKK 300 and includes a glass of bubbly upon arrival. You can choose between different starting times on each of the three ”routes” on offer:

Starter at Gran Torino – Main course at Alabama Social – Dessert at Madklubben Nørrebro
Starter at Madklubben Nørrebro – Main course at Gran Torino – Dessert at Alabama Social
Starter at Alabama Social – Main course at Madklubben Nørrebro – Dessert at Gran Torino

Do you know a foodie who would love to visit three different restaurants in just one night? Then why not read more about the event and how to secure tickets right here. Don’t forget that we’re also hosting a similar Food Crawl in the heart of Copenhagen the week before on Sunday August 20th where you’ll get to visit Bistro Royal, Tony’s and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe.

All our restaurants except Madklubben Vesterbro will be closed on Monday June 5th

All our restaurants except Madklubben Vesterbro will be closed on Monday June 5th

Monday June 5th. Second day of Pentecost. Day of the Danish Constitution. Father’s Day. We have many names for things we like and this year we will ad yet another one to the list: “Double Trouble Birthday Bash”.

We’ve invited all the employees from Madklubben’s big restaurant family to a grand party celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the very first Madklubben restaurant as well as the 40th birthday of our founder and CEO, Anders Aagaard. We feel like we all deserve to eat well, drink well and dance ugly for one night.

But don’t despair if you’ve been planning on dining out on Monday June 5th. We’ve called in some extra help in order to keep Madklubben Vesterbro open for service. Check out their scrumptious menu here and book your table online with just a few clicks.

PLEASE NOTE that Bistro Royal will also be closed for breakfast on Tuesday June 6th in order to give our colleagues a fair chance to recover. Thank you for your kind understanding.