Yes. You read correctly. At FOOD CLUB all beverages are included in our simple prices from respectively 275 or 325 DKK. Here we cover everything from “Tuborg RÅ” draft beer, non-alcohol soft drink, sodas, sparkling or non-sparkling water to red and white wine en masse. But should you feel that tonight’s dinner requires a special or specific wine? No problem! At FOOD CLUB you’re welcome to bring along your own bottle of wine by preference. And best of all? You can bring along the festivities completely without extra costs.

And of course, the right wine requires the right equipment. At FOOD CLUB we are fully stocked on both wine decanters and wine glasses, so that even your biggest bottle of burgundy can be poured in the right way which it deserves.

We are looking forward to seeing you – with or without wine – at your next visit at FOOD CLUB. You can read more about our concept and book a table right here.