Welcome to Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

The very first Madklubben is still located in the heart of historic Copenhagen close to Amalienborg Castle and The King’s Garden. Take a few steps down from street level to an elegant, streamlined and price conscious restaurant experience where a modern interpretation of Danish and European traditions merge beautifully on the plate. The interior design boasts stunning wood paneling, leather couches and Eames chairs alongside rustic 19th century architectural details.

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe is looking forward to welcome 2018 with you

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe is looking forward to welcome 2018 with you

Madklubben’s original restaurant in the heart of historic Copenhagen will create fireworks on the plate on New Year’s Eve. (Metaphorically speaking of course). Enjoy a full journey with snacks, a reinterpretation of the classic Danish “New Year’s Cod”, a juicy steak, Danish cheese and several kinds of sweet treats.

Enter 2018 filled with love, New Year’s Eve spirit and lots of great food and wine. Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe have for the past many years been serving our take on a grand New Year’s Eve dinner and once again we are looking forward to welcome you this year. In our basement in Store Kongensgade is where the (Madklubben) party started and that we haven’t forgotten about.

Let us serve you a dinner which will end 2017 with style and welcome 2018 with open arms. Explore our New Year’s Eve menu with snacks made of chicken skin, cured beef and crisps with porcini remoulade, for starters our salt and sugar marinated cod, tempered egg yolk, fried capers, beetroot and a mustard vinaigrette with browned butter and not to forget our 250g entrecôte with grilled and pickled onions, celery cream and parsley sauce with smoked marrow for the main course. End 2017 in style when we besides dessert also serve up both cheese and traditional Danish marcipan New Year’s cake.

Take part in our New Year’s celebrations for the great price of DKK 500 by clicking here. Spice up your evening by purchasing our wine menu here. Are you bringing the kids? No worries. We offer a “children edition” of our New Year’s Eve menu for half the price right here! On our webpage, you’ll also find practical information and luxurious additional options such as caviar, oysters and seared foie gras on your steak.

At 11.30 pm we thank you for tonight and wish each other a happy New Year so our lovely staff can get home and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family. We are looking forward to be sending you happy and full towards the new year!

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe serves up a modern Christmas dinner – are you coming?

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe serves up a modern Christmas dinner – are you coming?

At Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe we serve up Danish and European classics with a contemporary twist. Enjoy the ”hygge” that seeps through every corner of our very first restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.

At Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe we don’t just serve our take on traditional holiday gastronomy. – In our restaurant on “Store Kongensgade” we put in quite an effort not to bore you, which is why we love to play around with the expression and interior design of our restaurant. Among our shimmering lights, tiles as red as Rudolf’s nose and both square and round tables, we’ve sneaked in a bucketload of Christmas spirit, and we can’t wait to welcome you all!

We also play around in the kitchen when we experiment with a fresh take on the traditional Christmas servings. Try our duck liver terrine with quince compote and toasted brioche, the rib eye steak with pickled onions, caramelized Jerusalem artichoke purée and a sauce of parsley oil and finish off with the Danish “krydderkage” – a cake baked with Christmas spices and served with ice cream and prunes soaked in armagnac.

Click here if you wish to see all your options and how you book a table. Less than 10 persons? No worries – if you just bring the party, we’ll bring the food! The restaurant’s Christmas à la carte comes into force from November 7th.

Got the Christmas party under control yet?

Got the Christmas party under control yet?

Okay, so we know you might be thinking ”Why on earth are they advertising for Christmas already?”, while you pause and realize that it might actually not be that long before the malls are covered in sparkly ornaments and supermarkets are packed with candy canes and peppernuts (check the link to learn more about this classic Danish Christmas cookie.)

Don’t worry there’s still some time to go, but it’s now you have to get going with booking a table if you want to secure the perfect date and time for this year’s Christmas dinner with your colleagues, friends or family.

We’ve gathered all our restaurants on one festive and ”Christmassy” landing page (we thought about dressing it up even further with snow and elves, but we thought it would be better to ease you into it.) On the site groups of 10 guests or more can explore classic and more untraditional Christmas restaurant experiences all characterized by scrumptious food and more than fair prices.

See you at madklubben.dk/en/christmas soon!

Fireworks for foodies: The tickets for New Year’s Eve have been released

Fireworks for foodies: The tickets for New Year’s Eve have been released

End 2017 with a bang at one of Madklubben’s restaurants in Copenhagen. Our skilled chefs have developed a range of delicious and elegant menus, which can be enjoyed at our beautiful venues across town from as little as DKK 500 per person. If you know just a little about New Year’s prices in the Danish capital, you’ll also know that it’s quite the scoop.

While some of our restaurants serve up a menu for DKK 500 with the option of adding a tailored wine menu other restaurants have opted to include the beverages in the package price, which will run at DKK 1.000 as a result. At Alabama Social and Bar Next Door they’re pulling out all the stops with spectacular wines and cocktails resulting in a seat price of DKK 1.200 and DKK 1.400 respectively.

Get the full low down on all your dining options for New Year’s Eve on December 31st 2017 and secure your tickets already today. Tickets for Madklubben Østerbro and Hanzō will be released in the coming weeks.

International praise: Madklubben named ”Affordable Restaurant of the Year” in Denmark

International praise: Madklubben named ”Affordable Restaurant of the Year” in Denmark

“Affordable Restaurant of the Year 2018, Denmark.” Thus reads the full title that we’ve just received at our original restaurant in Store Kongensgade in the heart of historic Copenhagen. The brand behind the award is the British publication Luxury Travel Guide. We’re immensely proud of the distinction, which we attribute to our team of skilled chefs and passionate waiters.

With a following of almost 100.000 people on social media and a print count of 500.000 magazines and 200.000 guide books each year we’re humbled by this honor. Luxury Travel Guide contacted us during the summer and asked for pictures, a concept description and the current menu to be evaluated alongside other great Copenhagen establishments by an expert jury from the international travel and hospitality industry.

Even though Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe is the oldest restaurant in the “family” it’s still our culinary pride. A place where gastronomic traditions from Denmark and Europe are interpreted as unpretentious “gourmet light” dishes with a price tag starting at a mere DKK 200 for a three course menu.

Explore the full menu from Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe here, and book your next table right here online by clicking here.

Here’s the menu for Madklubben’s grand food crawl in downtown Copenhagen

Here’s the menu for Madklubben’s grand food crawl in downtown Copenhagen

Join us on Sunday August 20th for a true foodie adventure in the heart of Copenhagen. Enjoy your starter at one restaurant, your main course at another and your dessert at a third and completely different venue.

As part of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2017 we’re giving you the unique opportunity of dining at Bistro Royal at Kongens Nytorv, Tony’s in Havnegade and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in Store Kongensgade in one night. Move between the restaurants by foot or on bike – it’s your call.

We still have tickets left for this grand event and a ticket runs for DKK 300 including three courses and a glas of bubbly upon arrival. Click here to secure your seat(s).

Check out the menus of the evening below. We write it in plural because the menu depends on which route you choose. Wondering what different ”routes” mean? Then read more about the details of the food crawl concept here.

Route 1:

Starter at Bistro Royal:
Marinated salmon with smoked cheese creme, cucumber, chervil and malt crumble

Main course at Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe:
Chicken cooked on the bone with spring onions, onion creme and a chicken broth with bacon

Dessert at Tony’s Havnegade:
Sundae with nutella, hazelnuts and baked white chocolate

Route 2:

Starter at Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe:
Beef tartare with gherkins, cress mayo and crisps

Main course at Tony’s Havnegade:
Risotto with peas, mint and hake

Dessert at Bistro Royal:
Vanilla panna cotta with raspberries, sorrel and white chocolate

Rute 3:

Starter at Tony’s Havngegade:
Vitello tonnato – veal with creamy tuna sauce, capers and pickled lemon

Main course at Bistro Royal:
Pan fried striploin with grilled onions, béarnaise sauce and golden fries

Dessert at Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe:
Strawberries, honey fluff, ice cream and cress

At Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe we cook summer food packed with “hygge”

At Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe we cook summer food packed with “hygge”

“Why dine at a basement restaurant in the middle of the summer?” you might ask. Well, actually there are plenty of good reasons and we could start by mentioning the temperamental Danish summer weather, which oftentimes features rain and wind. But it doesn’t even matter if the sun is shining or it’s pouring down, because the mission at Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in Store Kongensgade never changes: We want to serve up great food at more than fair prices. Actually, you can mix and match your own three course dinner from as little as DKK 200.

The summer menu of 2017 at the very first restaurant of our now booming family is known for elegant and refreshing dishes inspired by Danish traditions, cozy “hygge” elements and global inputs alike. If you wanna eat like a Dane then you’ll almost have to try the creamy veal fricassee with a creamy white sauce and tons of veggies. Or how about the dessert featuring sweet, Danish strawberries with cream, where the latter has been turned into ice cream.

Take a tour of the beautiful yet unpretentious dishes from Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in pictures a bit further down on this page. You can check out the full menu here and book a table for your summer dinner in the heart of historic Copenhagen online. We promise that neither you nor your wallet will regret it.

Ceviche of plaice with horseradish cream, dill oil, pickled cucumber & rye bread crisps:Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Beef tartare with radish and potatoes:Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Marinated and dehydrated tomatoes, pepper mayo & cress:
Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Catch of the day with peas, lettuce and mussel blanquette with brown butter:
Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Roasted chicken with spring onions, onion sauce and chicken jus with smoked bacon & chives:Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Veal Fricassée with salted veal brisket, radishes, peas, pickled onions & sauce velouté: Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Raspberry sorbet, coulis, cream cheese, nougatine & lemon:Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Strawberries honey fluff, ice cream, strawberry juice & cress:IMG_8720

Madklubben is all set to return to Roskilde Festival

Madklubben is all set to return to Roskilde Festival

The scrumptious taste of steak and béarnaise in a brioche bun. Creamy risotto with melted cheese and summer veggies. There’s no doubt that we expected our dishes to fare well with the average music festival goer when Madklubben debuted at Roskilde Festival in 2016. But nothing could prepare us for the explosion of foodie love and hungry guests that actually hit us. 5.000 meals were prepared, but when the music died out we had served no less than 12.500 guests from our little stand.

It was wild, it was overwhelming and we can’t wait to do it all again. Because Madklubben will return to Scandinavia’s largest festival and you’ll once again find us in the covered Food Court from Wednesday June 28th until the early hours of Sunday July 2nd.

Since last year our restaurants have received countless requests for us to put the already legendary Steak ’n’ Béarnaise Sandwich on the menu. But it remains a greasy and irresistible unicorn only to be spotted at very special occasions. You can read more about the specific content of our festival dishes below, and though they are very different they also share an obligation to Roskilde Festival’s goal of cooking with at least 90% organic ingredients.

Steak ’n’ Béarnaise Sandwich:

At several of our restaurants the classic steak béarnaise is king. So naturally there was no doubt that the combination of tender beef and creamy béarnaise had to be turned into a festival favorite. Get ready for a toasted brioche bun filled with organic Danish beef, warm béarnaise, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and pickles onions. The perfect dish for your hangovers priced at only DKK 65.

Pearl Barley Risotto:

Whether you live a full on vegetarian lifestyle or simply want to cut back on your meat consumption in order to help the environment our summer risotto will keep you asking for more. A creamy mixture of pearl barley and organic cheese accompanied by broccoli, asparagus, carrots and radishes. Just have the munchies? Then go for half a portion for DKK 35. Otherwise go all in with a full portion for DKK 55.

We look forward to spoiling you with great food served at fair prices at Roskilde Festival 2017!

Dine at both Bistro Royal, Tony’s and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in one evening

Dine at both Bistro Royal, Tony’s and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in one evening

You know the scenario: You feel like dining out but just can’t decide on where to go or what you’re in the mood for. Should you opt for Italian? French? Or maybe just play it safe with a great steak? On Sunday August 20th you don’t have to choose because we’re giving you a unique possibility to visit no less than three great restaurants in just one night.

As part of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival we’re hosting a Food Crawl in the heart of historic Copenhagen, which means you’ll have your starter at one restaurant, your main course at another restaurant and your dessert at a third and entirely different restaurant. The participating venues are Bistro Royal at Kongens Nytorv, Tony’s in Havnegade and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in Store Kongensgade – all conveniently located in the city centre so you can walk or bike from one place to another.

Check out this video from last year’s Food Crawl hosted at our restaurants in Nørrebro:

The tickets have already been released and they’re selling like hotcakes. A ticket to Madklubben’s Food Crawls costs DKK 300 and includes a glass of bubbly upon arrival. You can choose between different starting times on each of the three ”routes” on offer:

Starter at Gran Torino – Main course at Alabama Social – Dessert at Madklubben Nørrebro
Starter at Madklubben Nørrebro – Main course at Gran Torino – Dessert at Alabama Social
Starter at Alabama Social – Main course at Madklubben Nørrebro – Dessert at Gran Torino

Do you know a foodie who would love to visit three different restaurants in just one night? Then why not read more about the event and how to secure tickets right here. Don’t forget that we’re hosting a similar Food Crawl in vibrant city district of Nørrebro a week later on Sunday August 27th where you’ll get to visit Gran Torino, Alabama Social and Madklubben Nørrebro.

All our restaurants except Madklubben Vesterbro will be closed on Monday June 5th

All our restaurants except Madklubben Vesterbro will be closed on Monday June 5th

Monday June 5th. Second day of Pentecost. Day of the Danish Constitution. Father’s Day. We have many names for things we like and this year we will ad yet another one to the list: “Double Trouble Birthday Bash”.

We’ve invited all the employees from Madklubben’s big restaurant family to a grand party celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the very first Madklubben restaurant as well as the 40th birthday of our founder and CEO, Anders Aagaard. We feel like we all deserve to eat well, drink well and dance ugly for one night.

But don’t despair if you’ve been planning on dining out on Monday June 5th. We’ve called in some extra help in order to keep Madklubben Vesterbro open for service. Check out their scrumptious menu here and book your table online with just a few clicks.

PLEASE NOTE that Bistro Royal will also be closed for breakfast on Tuesday June 6th in order to give our colleagues a fair chance to recover. Thank you for your kind understanding.