It won’t be long until Madklubben‘s Italian mobster foodie from New York (or at least that’s how we imagine Tony) arrives in the stylish Copenhagen district of Østerbro. From Tuesday August 1st you can take a seat in the spacious venue at Østerbrogade number 79, which has undergone an impressive renovation and soon will be packed with beautiful furniture and great food served at more than fair prices.

We’ve now opened our booking system so you can start scheduling your first visit to Tony’s Østerbro. Follow this link to reserve a table.

The concept is a spitting image of the original Tony’s in Havnegade close to historic Nyhavn in Copenhagen’s city center. You mix and match your own three course dinner from as little as DKK 200. Read all about the menu here, and keep updated with the latest news through Tony’s Østerbro’s Facebook page.