A steak topped with cheese, ruby red tuna with grill marks, chilled pea soup with sparkling wine and juicy strawberries covered in vanilla cream. ”Pleasure” is probably the word that best describes the menu at Madklubben’s most recent family member – Madklubben Frederiksberg – which opened in the end of May.

Ever since opening day and night after night the restaurant has been packed with guests. In other words it’s a great idea to reserve your table in advance if you’re thinking about paying us a visit to have a taste of our great food served at more than fair prices.

At Madklubben Frederiksberg you compose your own three course dinner from as little as DKK 200. You can also expand on your culinary ambitions with small extra purchases along the way. Not hungry enough to order three courses? Opt for one dish from DKK 100 or two dishes from DKK 150 in stead.

Explore a range of the scrumptious summer dishes from Madklubben Frederiksberg’s summer menu here:

Steak Tartare – chopped raw veal with lettuce, vinaigrette and rye bread crisps:Madklubben Frederiksberg

Chilled green pea soup with prosecco, sour cream, green peas and fried bread:Madklubben Frederiksberg

Salmon with smoked cheese, cucumber, dill and radish:Madklubben Frederiksberg

300 g corn fed rib eye from Uruguay with grilled spring onions, Danish ”Vesterhav” cheese and sauce gastrique:Madklubben Frederiksberg

Grilled pointed cabbage served with clam sauce, salted lemon and chives:Madklubben Frederiksberg

Seared tuna with avocado, frisée lettuce, spinach, coriander, grilled lime and a soy/sesame dressing (Instagram picture by our guest, @emmakrak)Madklubben Frederiksberg

Raspberry sorbet with fresh raspberries, red sorrel, meringue and crème anglaise:Madklubben Frederiksberg

Chocolate mousse with sour cream, chocolate crumble and cocoa buds:Madklubben Frederiksberg