Madklubben’s Asian eatery at Værnedamsvej – Hanzō – draws on scrumptious street food as well as dazzling haute cuisine inspirations. A 0% traditional Christmas experience but a 100% must try for foodies who love the Far East.

If you’re already looking forward to attending both your family’s, your girlfriend’s, your company’s and your mother in law’s Christmas party it might seem impossible to eat all that traditional Christmas food you know you’ll be served during the holidays. So why not spice up this year’s Christmas party and eat your way to a warmer celebration? In the intimate setting on Værnedamsvej with colorful walls, swirled lamps and bright Børge Mogensen chairs the scene is set at Hanzō for a Christmas outside the lines. – Actually, all the way outside the Danish borders!

Take a break from the caramelized potatoes with a bowl of steaming rice. Taste our fresh spring rolls instead of a tempered pâté. Add some spicy curry and forget all about the Danish gravy. – And you know what the best thing is? Instead of traveling to the Far East, our food mecca and authentic atmosphere is just a local bus ride to Værnedamsvej away.

Click here if you wish to see all your options and how you book a table. Less than 10 persons? No worries – if you just bring the party, we’ll bring the food! The restaurant’s Christmas à la carte comes into force from November 6th.

PS. Remember that you can continue the celebrations atMadklubben Vesterbro’s cocktail bar after your Christmas dinner.

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