We’re ready to welcome people from and around Aarhus to the opening of Frankies Pizza. The first oficial date will be the 7th of March where we’re ready to host the first 100 guests and as the days go by we turn up for the capacity until we reach our maximum of 150 persons. Reservations are already open. Do you wanna be one of our first guests at Frankies Pizza Aarhus? Click right her!

But what’s the story about Frankies? The concept is easy – you can have a pizza from 80 dkk and if you have trouble deciding what to choose you can go with Frankies Feast: All you can eat and drink (cocktails and wine too) for 350 dkk – and kids can enjoy Frankies Feast too with sodas. The table is yours for one and a half hour. The price is 350 dkk for adults and kids up till 11 years are charged 150 dkk.

From March the 7th takeaway will be available to – and shortly after delivery too, but we’ll get back to that one.

More Frankies Pizza information can be found on Instagram at @frankiespizzapizza, at Frankies Pizza’s Facebookpage or at www.madklubben.dk/en/frankiespizza.