You reach out. Pull down the handle. The white, soft and perfect tempered ice cream pours out. A scent of sweetness and vanilla. Oh yes. Softice. The nostalgic trend which we can’t help to care for. Do you also immediately think back to amusement parks, sunny summer days, children’s birthday parties, colorful sprinkles and crunchy cones? Soon you will (hopefully) also connect the delightful dessert with your last visit at FOOD CLUB.

To succeed with this, we have joined forces with Hansens Flødeis who just as us share the passion for serving softice as it is meant to be. Hansens Flødeis writes on their website: “Our idea is to give softice a new and better life, for ever since softice reached the Danish market in the 60’s it has gone downhill”. Their softice is made of dairy fresh milk and a great portion of love. So forget about powder and replacement products cause with real cream and vanilla is how it’s supposed to be. And did we mention that the softice also is organic? – That’s something we like at FOOD CLUB!

Do you like what you hear? Then just wait until you see our selection of delicious toppings and sauces to to help create your ideal ice cream dessert. Are you a vegan? Or just not that into softice? No problem. Please ask the chef and he will guide you through our selection of dessert alternatives. Book a table for your next softice celebration fast and easy online right here. We are looking forward to welcome you at FOOD CLUB.