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Frankies Pizza is Madklubben’s new pizza joints with room for everyone who loves brick oven pizza, a casual and cosy vibe, good music, ice cold beers and pitchers of cocktails. And come on, who doesn’t love that? You can find Frankies Pizza at both Nørrebro, Østerbro and Vesterbro.

Frankies Pizza Østerbro is located in the middle of Østerbrogade in the beautiful and historic PARK building from 1926. Saturday the 20th of October, Frankies Pizza Nørrebro opened at our previous restaurant, Gran Torino’s, location in the beautiful surroundings at Sortedam Dossering by the lakes in Copenhagen. And soon Frankies Pizza Vesterbro will open up at Vesterbrogade 64.

We have a tempting selection of pizzas as well as delicious desserts and sinful sides at favorable prices – and our pizzas are available as take away. Call +45 38 41 41 72 and press “4” to order from. Frankies Pizza Østerbro, or press “5” to order from Frankies Pizza Nørrebro.

We look forward to welcoming you to a great Italian night.



New Year’s Eve at Frankies Pizza Nørrebro – Celebrate Frankies style!

New Year’s Eve at Frankies Pizza Nørrebro – Celebrate Frankies style!

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and that means, now is the time to decide, where you want to spend your evening. And this is where Frankies enters the picture. At Frankies Pizza Nørrebro you can spend a cracking New Year’s Eve with a great atmosphere and fantastic food!

It will be a true New Year’s Feast, starting with truffle popcorn and a strawberry bellini upon arrival. A great Italian style menu follows. We kick off with 10 Italian treats such as beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and arugula, Parma ham with melon, crostini with Mascarpone and N’duja sausage, creamy burrata with basil and olive oil and much, much more.

But Frankies is a pizza join, therefore the main event this evening is of course pizza! You will be taken on a tasting tour of some of our classic favorites, as well as a special “Guilty Pleasure” with tender beef, mushrooms, red onions, thyme, garlic confit and sauce Bearnaise! The dessert is ”Frankies Cup” with ice cream, nuts, dulche de leche and strawberry. The sweet and perfect end to a great New Year’s Eve meal. If you want to make the night even more special, you can upgrade to Frankies New Year’s Feast. This includes all you can drink in wine, bubbles, cocktails, beer, coffee and soda.

The celebrations take place in our restaurant at Sortedam Dossering, where we decorate our pink pizza joint with New Year’s Eve themed decorations. At 11.30 pm we thank you for tonight and wish each other a happy New Year so our lovely staff can get home and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family.

See the entire menu below, and click here to get your tickets for New Year’s Eve at Frankies Pizza Nørrebro!



Strawberry Bellini
Truffle popcorn

Parma ham with melon
Pecorino with figs
Carpaccio with Parmesan and arrugula
Grilled artichokes
Sugar-salted cod
Foccacia bread with rosemary
Marinated olives
Crostini with Mascarpone & N’duja
Bresaola with ricotta
Burrata with basil and olive oil


mozzarella, beef, mushrooms, red onion, thyme, garlic confit and sauce bearnaise

mozzarella, goat cheese, potatoes & rosemary

tomato, cheese, Parma ham, arrugula, pesto & parmesan

dark chocolate ice cream, pistachio ice cream, pistachios, cookies, dulce de leche and strawberry

DKK 495

Upgrade your menu with unlimited wine, bubbles, beer, cocktails, coffee and soda

Join Frankies Pizza for a Christmas Party with a twist

Join Frankies Pizza for a Christmas Party with a twist

Are you already almost filled up with just the thought of all the roast pork, Christmas cake and eggnog you’re about to enjoy in the upcoming months? Then gather your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors for an atypical Christmas Party at Frankies Pizza.

Even though the menu might not carry all the classics, then the main idea at Frankies Pizza is completely the same as for all our restaurants: To gather around for a feast filled with all your favorites and lots of favorable fluids to speed up the Christmas spirit. At Frankies Pizza we offer our popular “Frankies Feast” for you and your party. An on going flow of all the pizza you can eat and all the wine you can drinks for a fixed priced of DKK 300.

You’ll find Frankies Pizza at two locations in Copenhagen – with a third one coming up! Visit our restaurant at the Østerbro distric beautifully decorated withparquet floors, spiral staircases and an open fireplace. If the elegant marble tables and rustic leather sofas start to spin, don’t blame your buzz but the iconic Danish wooden “KEVI” office chair you’re sitting on.

Alternatively you can swing by the Nørrebro district, where Frankies Pizza has it’s address at Sortedam Dossering – right next to the famous Copenhagen Lakes. Here you can let bright, colorful and funky settings set the stage for your Christmas Party.

Last (but not least!) our third Frankies Pizza joint will move in at Vesterbrogade in the nearest future. A cozy and intimate little restaurant in the Vesterbro District, where we also are looking forward to welcome you inside. More information follows!

Click here if you wish to see all your options and how you book a table. Less than 10 persons? No worries – if you just bring the party, we’ll bring the food! “Frankies Feast” is available for you whether you’re a party in the size of 2, 20 or 200 persons!

frankies frankies frankies

 Billeder af Yu Zhao.

Great news: Soon you can get take away delivered from ALL OF Madklubben’s restaurants!

Great news: Soon you can get take away delivered from ALL OF Madklubben’s restaurants!

In April something new and exciting happened at three of Madklubben’s popular restaurants. After many year’s of hungry requests from our guests, Alabama Social, Gran Torino and Food Club opened for take away. And we think it has gone quite well. In fact we think it has gone so well, that we’ve decided to expand the concept to ALL of the restaurants in the Madklubben family!

We will start with our pizza joints Frankies from October 20th, and in the coming weeks the rest of the restaurants will follow. So soon you will be able to enjoy our juicy steaks, great salads, delicious desserts and much, much more whenever and wherever you want!

Wolt will be our partner in this endeavor, and it will be possible to order your food directly via Wolt’s mobile app and directly from Wolt’s website.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about the menus from our take away restaurants, and we will be sure to let your know when a new restaurant is open for take away. Until then you can work up an appetite and look forward to honest and tasty take away from Saturday October 20th. We sure do!

Frankies Pizza Østerbro opens Friday the 5th of October – book a table now!

Frankies Pizza Østerbro opens Friday the 5th of October – book a table now!

Now it won’t be long until Madklubben welcome you inside the first of the three upcoming restaurants, that we happily will present to you in the near future. Frankies Pizza will be our pizza joint with room for everyone who loves stone oven pizza, casual atmosphere, good music, ice-cold beer and cocktail pitchers.

Frankies Pizza Østerbro is front runner and will in less than one month be ready to serve you great food and Italian amore when it all goes down Friday the 5th of October. We have already now opened up for reservations, so you can plan your first meal at our new pizzeria. Follow this link to reserve a table.

The concept of the menu is tempting and favorable with a broad selection of pizzas as well as crispy salads, sublime side orders, delicate drinks or the complete package for the hungry ones: “Frankies feast”, where you can enjoy all the pizza and all the wine you like for the price of DKK 300. Take a look at our menu by clicking here.

Frankies Pizza Østerbro will take over Tony’s Østerbro’s former location at Østerbrogade 79 and will be open all 7 days of the week. While we wait for the opening date to arrive, you can follow along on the restaurant’s page: “Frankies Pizza Østerbro” on Facebook, where we post all updates and news.

We looks forward to get the Frankies party started! 


New Year’s Eve 2018/2019: Tickets are now available

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019: Tickets are now available

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 is slowly getting closer. And even though it mentally still feels like miles away, we can’t stop being just a little excited for this always amazing and festive evening. True to tradition we repeat the succes of the last couple of year’s and invite you to a New Year’s Eve dinner at all Madklubben’s restaurants on the last day of the year. Theres something for everyone (and every age!) and the prices span from DKK 600 to DKK 1.400 per person. While some of our restaurants let you pick and choose your own beverages others have gone the extra mile to tailor an elegant wine pairing as a part of the package.

This year – for something special – we also would love to welcome you inside to our New Year’s Eve dinner at Madklubben’s event space at Østerbro. This will be a social dining experience with an upscale 3 course dinner, free beverages, bubbles and bingo on the program!

Click the on the name of the restaurant of your choice underneath a restaurant name in order to be redirected to our online store where you can purchase your tickets. You can also have a full overview of your options at shop.madklubben.dk/en.

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