Are you ready for some goodies from the grill? Excellent. We have expanded our menu at Madklubben Grill which was formerly know as Madklubben Steak. The address is still the same but we felt it was about time to change the name to something more precise due to the fact that we are much more than steaks. And it has been like that for about two years.

We know that beef and steaks aren’t quite as hip as they used to be and we do also know that we have to take responsibility for the climate. That’s why we how found some new and really good new dishes that can be grilled. A year ago we added more climate friendly dishes such as salmon, cockerel and turbot. That fact is also one of the reason for our name change.

“This is just the beginning – we will shortly be offering grilled greens such as asparagus and cabbage but also more delicious seafood such as lobsters, langoustines and scallops. Our spring menu is out around start of April and it will be offering a great variety of green dishes and wider appeal all in all”, says Kenn Meier partner at Madklubben Grill.

Do you still fancy a great steak now and then? Don’øt worry – we still have great steaks on the menu as before but also in smaller sizes or as a semi-forbidden side order.

The change will happen to day, March 11th, where also all our online platforms will be updated. We look forward to welcome you to Madklubben Grill! Follow along at