About Gran Torino

In February og 2017 our popular Italian restaurant moved from the courtyard at Sortedam Dossering number 7 to a new lakeside venue right next door at Sortedam Dossering 5.

The beating heart at Gran Torino is our massive Valoriani stone oven where our pizzas are made. You can watch the busy chefs work through a big factory style window, which we installed as a divider between the kitchen and the dining room. Grab a seat at one of the wooden tables surrounded by exquisite designer furniture and even a couple of merry-go-round horses! When the weather permits it we also offer service on the sidewalk complete with a view of Copenhagen’s ”lakes”.

Pizza is a crowd favorite that comes in many shapes and sizes. our version is inspired by the Neapolitan tradition sporting a sourdough base with a slightly softer and chewier consistency. Eat it burning hot by cutting the pizza into four equal parts each folded on top of itself like a sandwich. Give your pizza an extra dose of love with a bit of garlic and chili oil, which you can find in the metal box at the end of your table.

At Gran Torino you can grab a quick pizza or enjoy a full dinner with several courses. Don’t forget that Gran Torino also makes pizza to go and you can wait at the cozy bar table while waiting for your dinner to bake.

At Gran Torino we serve up great food and drinks at unusually fair prices without ever compromising the quality.

Madklubben’s Manifesto:

We love to offer excellent food and drink for an unusually reasonable price, and to do the very thing we must cut down a little in other areas. To introduce you to our concept, we will briefly talk about our manifesto, so you can get an idea of ​​how an evening at the restaurant will be conducted.
[1] we provide good wine and ditto food in pleasant surroundings – we will not bore you with long stories about the food and we are not necessarily aware of the intimate details of wine making.

[2] you take an active part in the enjoyment of your meal – you pour your own wine and we invite you to discover the individual components of your dish by reading the menu underneath your plate – this is how we can serve quality ingredients & great wines at affordable prices.

[3] our colleagues who are tasked with the most important job of all (namely, ensuring your well-being) are chosen for their good spirit and contagious laughter, not their intense study of wines and cheeses – if you have any questions, just ask – the answer can probably be found, and we are always willing to look for it.

[4] if we do not live up to your expectations – please say so immediately! we can probably solve the problems now and save your evening – tomorrow it is too late!

We greatly appreciate quality – we like things good, straightforward and unpretentious. We believe that the focus should be on the product – the tangible, and we just want all our guests to have a good time at our restaurants! We look forward to welcoming you!