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Right in the middle of Aarhus on the sunny side of “Åen” where the city is at it’s most vibrant and full of life, and the water and the people flow by. In beautiful and rustic surroundings. That’s where you’ll find our latest addition to the Madklubben family in Aarhus – Madklubben Grill.

The atmosphere is a mix of big city vibes from New York and Paris with a touch of Danish design. The inspiration for the restaurant has been found in Bistro Royal and Madklubben Steak in Copenhagen, but it is no copy of those places – far from it! One thing is the same, and one thing is for certain: We serve great food at reasonable prices here as well!

Fire up your New Year’s celebration with dinner at Madklubben Grill

Fire up your New Year’s celebration with dinner at Madklubben Grill

2019 is getting closer every second and haven’t you still quite figured out what to do this year? Let us help you! Swing by Madklubben Grill on the last day of the year and enjoy a spectacular New Year’s Eve dinner. With 5 courses and a location right in the epicenter of all the festivities, we guarantee you a celebration which you will never forget.

And we promise you nothing less than a true gastronomic firework on your plate, when we serve you both snacks, smoked salmon, steak tartare and beef tenderloin with sublime sauces and lots of side orders. Also we can’t forget dessert! Here we serve you a tempting chocolate cake baked with Bourbon vanilla and Valrhona chocolate and served with pickled berries, crunch and creamy milk ice cream.

The scene for your New Year’s dinner is naturally set by our grand new dining space located at Åboulevarden 32. Here we have decorated the restaurant beautifully with colorful details, elegant marble tables and Danish design classics. All ready to host you and your party!

Take part in our New Year celebrations for the great price of DKK 900 by clicking here. On our webpage, you’ll also find practical information and luxurious additional options such as our tailored wine menu or ½ a lobster for your main course. At 11.30 pm we thank you for tonight and wish each other a happy New Year so our lovely staff can get home and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family. We are looking forward to be sending you happy and full towards the new year!

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Now you can book at table: Madklubben Grill opens in Aarhus Tuesday the 6th of November

Now you can book at table: Madklubben Grill opens in Aarhus Tuesday the 6th of November

It isn’t very long ago that we announced that our second restaurant in Aarhus is on it’s way. Guess what? The good news continue: Dinnerbooking is now open, so you can book a table for your next dinner experience at Madklubben Grill.

Madklubben Grill is the name for our new restaurant, and here we will be ready to welcome you inside from Tuesday the 6th of November to a totally renovated dining space with Danish designs and great food for small prices. The last details of the menu are currently being worked out, but we can already now say, that you can look forward to a broad selection of tempting à la carte dishes such as shrimp cocktail, duck, cheeseburger, lobster, cheesecake and much more.

Has this article created an immediate appetite for a visit to Madklubben Grill? Then hurry up and visit our online reservation – it has already opened! Follow this link to make a reservation at Madklubben Grill. Are you more to an “old style kind a gal/guy?”. Then you can also make your reservation by phone: 38 41 01 14 or E-mail: grill@madklubben.dk. Madklubben Grill will be open on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

We can’t wait to see you!

Madklubben Grill


Madklubben expands: Soon we will open our second restaurant in Aarhus

Madklubben expands: Soon we will open our second restaurant in Aarhus

Yes, you heard right! We love Aarhus, our wonderful staff and the great welcome of Madklubben, that we have experienced. Therefore we wish to expand and are now on our way with our second restaurant in Aarhus City.

Inspiration and experience will be collected from Bistro Royal and Madklubben Steak in Copenhagen, but it won’t be a copy hereof or a Madklubben Aarhus 2.0, that we will open up for. The atmosphere will be created by New York vibes, Danish design and Francophile feelings, and you can look forward to an à la carte menu including everything from steak, tartare, fish, pork and duck to green and garnish in all forms. Oh and not to forget a decent wine menu with something for all preferences. The price of a 3 course dinner will be around DKK 300, and for lunch we will offer classic bistro serverings and Danish “smørrebrød” for also a favorable price.


We will take over the rustic location of the previous restaurant and night club “Castenskiold” – right at the sunny side of the central creek in Aarhus, just a few hundred meters away from our other address at Hack Kampmanns Plads. Our preparations for the renovation project are already in full motion, and we are looking forward to welcome you inside to a newly renovated dining spot with capacity of 120 guests indoors. We are quite sure that our 100 seats outside in the sun also will be a great hit when the weather is nice.


We won’t miss out of the cozy months of Christmas, why we will be ready to open up for our new restaurant already in November this year, which we are still working on finding the the perfect name for. In sight we look forward to also be opening up for breakfast and hereby be an all day restaurant.

Follow along on right this site where we will keep you updated with all sneak peeks, menus, pictures and other news. Stay tunes – we can’t wait!

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