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Where would any Italian eat? At Mamma’s! No one knows the Italian dishes better than mamma and that’s why we’re proud of our own mamma. We have hand picked the best specialities from Italy and added our own know-how from our restaurants which surely can be tasted in the authentic dished. When the weather and season allows it we serve drinks and food outside. Our interior is Italian inspired too: Lemon trees, candles and white marble. We’re ready to welcome couples and families at Mamma’s. See you at Mamma’s – pronto!


Two new openings: Frankie’s Pizza Aarhus and Mamma’s in Copenhagen

Two new openings: Frankie’s Pizza Aarhus and Mamma’s in Copenhagen

Things are going very well – and today we open up two new restaurants. Let’s go west first.

Frankie’s Pizza opens in Aarhus at Mejlgade 45, where a rustic and funky restaurant is ready to host you. We serve top delicious and crispy pizzas and if you’re thinking about going all in we have Frankie’s Feast for you. Eat all the pizza you like and drink all the wine and cocktails you like for 350 kroner – the table is yours for one and a half hour, and yes you can buy extra time: 30 minutes for 50 kroner and one hour for 100 kroner.

Don’t forget the kids – they can have a go with the Frankie’s Feast with soda for 150 kroner. By the way – we serve pineapple pizza too (donut kill the messenger – and we’re quite sure you’ll love it!)

More information about Frankie’s Pizza Aarhus here.

And then we have Mamma’s! She is our new Italian restaurant and a true Italian would probably say that the place is just like coming home to… well Mamma’s. We’ve gotten our hands on some super delicious Italian specialties which will be added to our know-how and the nest from Mamma’s two sons; Frankie(’s Pizza) and Tony(’s Havnegade).

The kids are more than wellcome at Mamma’s – they can design and draw their own pizza, and the drawing get passed on to Mamma in the kitchen where she will bake the pizza as desired. You can also pick your favorites from the a la carte menu with prices from 65 kroner for a dish or go for a there course meal starting from 225 kroner. Hungry for real? Go for “Mamma’s family feast” where we serve four dishes (antipasti, pasta, meat or fish and a dessert) for 350 kroner. Thirsty? For another 100 kroner you can have ad libitum bubbles, red and white whine, but we also serve filtered water with and without bubbles and drafted as well as bottled beer.

We’re all on on the Italian music, decor and atmosphere – that means white marble, candle lights and lemon trees. Music? Italian with a twist of amore. When it gets just slightly warmer we will begin to serve food and drinks outside on Regnbuepladsen, where Aperol Spritz can be enjoyed in the sun or in the shade – with nice dishes too of course.

Much more Mamma’s right here.

News: Come to Mamma’s – Madklubben’s new italian restaurant

News: Come to Mamma’s – Madklubben’s new italian restaurant

Welcome to our new Italians restaurant at Regnbuepladsen – we’re opening the 7th of March! Mamma’s is the mother of our two Italians sons: Frankie’s Pizza and Tony’s Havnegade and we have taken the best from both and added some twists from our other restaurants. The result? Easy going and understable Italian food for fair prices.

Kids and tattoos…

Please bring the kids – the can design their own pizza on a piece of paper and mamma will bring it to the kitchen and make it. Do you love you own mother and have you got that statement as a tattoo? Please show us – and we will serve you and your mother free bubbles!

The table goodies

We have found the best Italian ingredients and we have mixed them with know-how from our restaurants which have resulted in delicious dishes for everyone. We have green dishes, meat, pasta, pizza and dessert of course.

Have a go at the a la carte menu where the dishes costs from 65 kroner. Fancy a three course? It can be yours for 225 kroner. Otherwise you can dig in on Mamma’s Family Feast with four dishes for 350 kroner. Thirsty? Add another 100 kroner and you can enjoy all the wine you want. We do serve sodas, filtered water as well as drafted and bottled beer too.

Oh, the atmosphere!

We’re all in on the Italian feeling and would be like coming home to an Italian Mamma. We’ve updated the interior with lemontrees, white marble and cosy lights. When the season is ready we’ll  go for an Aperol Spritz outside in a lovely combination with Italian music and optional shadow from the sun. Food servings are also available outside when the season is up for it.

More information can be found on @eatatmammas at Instagram, at www.madklubben.dk/en/mammas and restorations can be made by clicking here.

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