There are a lot of ways in which you can get a great New Year’s Eve with Madklubben. You can enjoy fantastic New Year’s Eve meals at our restaurants, or you can choose one of our catering menus, so you can enjoy Madklubben at home with your family and friends.

Whether you want to visit one of our restaurants on New Year’s Eve or serve up our great menu at home, you will need to buy your ticket at Take a look at all of your options below.


Catering – Madklubben at home on New Year’s Eve

Madklubben has created two delicious menus, you can order as catering for New Year’s Eve. That way the dinner on this special night is all taken care of. Both of the menus offer three courses, and come with a guide to finishing and plating the dishes at home.

Click on the pictures below and explore the different menus.

New Year’s Eve at Madklubben’s restaurants

If your want to dine out on New Year’s Eve, Madklubben offers several enticing options. All of our restaurants offer special New Year’s Menus sure to fire up your celebrations.

Click on the restaurants below that catch your eye and explore their delicious menus.
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