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Street art, yummy interior design and a menu void of regulations all come together to form Madklubben Nørrebro. A true neighborhood spot with a bustling atmosphere on a Tuesday as well as a Saturday. Let the 4 meter tall ”Madklubben” neon sign guide you through the passageway to the courtyard and Madklubben Nørrebro furnished with a mix of stylish Danish design icons and rustic architectural details from the venue’s warehouse past. Just like the district of Nørrebro, the menu wants do do it all while still maintaining a special love for the Middle Eastern grill cuisine. A three course menu starts at DKK 200.

Latest from Madklubben Nørrebro:

Madklubben turns 10: We’re celebrating by hosting a range of delicious Sunday dinners

Madklubben turns 10: We’re celebrating by hosting a range of delicious Sunday dinners

The beginning of May 2017 marks the decennial of the original Madklubben restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen close to Amalienborg Castle and Kongens Nytorv. Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe is still located at the very same spot and guests still flock to The popular eatery to indulge in great food served at more than fair prices.

Much has happened during the first 10 years and the Madklubben family now boasts an equal amount of branches: 10 different kinds each with its own unique character and concept. But we never rest and are thus also planning a range of new exciting projects. That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate turning 10 by focusing on where Madklubben as a brand is heading for the future.

As a result we’re giving you the opportunity to participate in three very different ”food clubs” scheduled to take place in late April and early May. Here we’ll explore some of the themes set to inspire the coming development of our restaurant concepts. This will include themes such as The Middle East, social responsibility, sustainability, plant based food and the talents of tomorrow.

SOLD OUT! Sunday April 30th at 6 pm: “The Green Food Club”:

Our chefs are giving meat a time-out. In stead they’ll be cooking solely with vegetables, plants and herbs in all different shapes and sizes. Get ready for a dining experience that will benefit the environment, your body and economy alike. Though Madklubben has no intention of becoming a full time vegetarian restaurant we are looking to strengthen the use of greens at all of our eateries.

Price: DKK 200 per person for 4 courses – drinks not included
Where: Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe, Store Kongensgade 66
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

Sunday May 7th at 6 pm: ”The Responsible Food Club”:

Here at Madklubben we’ll soon embark on a collaboration with company entrée, which helps refugees and migrants find work, purpose and new direction through employment at restaurants in Copenhagen. The head chef and employees of entrée will assist our chefs in creating and serving a Middle-Eastern feast that also echoes the news of our coming restaurant Bazaar set to open in late summer.

Price: DKK 300 per person for 10-15 dishes served ”family style” to share – drinks not included
Where: Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe, Store Kongensgade 66
Tickets: On sale now through shop.madklubben.dk (only available in Danish)

Sunday May 14th at 6 pm: ”The Talented Food Club”:

In our kitchens the talented chefs are the ones who make it all happen. Some are fully trained masters of their craft while others are still completing their apprenticeships. Cheering on ”the talents of tomorrow” we’ll give apprentices from several of Madklubben’s restaurants creative freedom in order for them to create a spectacular evening complete with a grand tasting menu, complementing wines and great atmosphere.

Price: DKK 500 for a surprise tasting menu with a minimum of 5 courses – including a glass of sparkling wine upon arrival and a full wine menu.
Where: Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe, Store Kongensgade 66
Tickets: On sale now through shop.madklubben.dk (only available in Danish)

Please note that all three events will be held as “social dinners” where you dine at communal tables next to new friends you just haven’t met yet.

Egg-citing times: See our opening hours during Easter 2017

Egg-citing times: See our opening hours during Easter 2017

Okay, okay, sorry about that headline pun. We’re not trying to yolk with you, it’s just that we’re hatching a plan to make sure you can also enjoy great food at fair prices at Madklubben’s restaurants during the holidays. Isn’t it nice to know that some-bunny is looking out for you this Easter?

Only a chicken will close down during ALL of Easter, and thus we aren’t talking massive changes to our regular opening hours. Several of our restaurants are always closed un Sundays, which will also be the case in the coming week. Get the full low down here:

Espresso Martini: Where to enjoy the coffee drink of your dreams in Copenhagen

Espresso Martini: Where to enjoy the coffee drink of your dreams in Copenhagen

On weekdays, Copenhageners love their coffee. On weekends, Copenhageners love their cocktails. The perfect combination is an obvious choice: Espresso Martini!

The mix of vodka, Kahlua and freshly brewed espresso results in a creamy, sweet and powerful concoction, which serves perfectly as a sensory punch when you need to back in gear after dinner or simply crave an energy boost on a night out on town.

Espresso Martini is a crowd favorite at several of our Madklubben family members. Check out the list beneath to get the full low down on where you can sip your Espresso Martini and how much it costs.

Cheers, and happy weekend!

New restaurants: Madklubben Nørrebro and Gran Torino 2.0 are now open!

New restaurants: Madklubben Nørrebro and Gran Torino 2.0 are now open!

Just as January kissed February ”hello” we here at Madklubben welcomed to no less that two new restaurants. Well, more like 1,5 new restaurants, seeing at our popular Italian pizza pusher Gran Torino just moved to a new location. But with a brand new decor and ditto menu concept it definitely qualifies as  ”breaking foodie news” as well.

Gran Torino moved from its former courtyard space out to 5 Sortedam Dossering right on the bank of Copenhagen’s ”Lakes”. It’s a smaller space but with the perfect atmosphere for an urban pizza place sporting both classic and more gourmet inspired pies. Complete with retired merry-go-round horses, a big window between the busy chefs and hungry diners and a brand new menu concept, Gran Torino version 2.0 opened its doors on February 3rd.

Following a series of test dinners in late January, Madklubben Nørrebro finally opened on Gran Torino’s former address on February 6th. Expect a bustling neighborhood spot featuring yummy dishes from the Middle East and beyond fresh from the roaring flame grill. The interior mixes modernist Danish furniture design with rustic industrial details from the venue’s warehouse past. Check out the full menu here.

Both Gran Torino and Madklubben Nørrebro (surprise!) can be found in Copenhagen’s vibrant district of Nørrebro: A cultural melting pot where immigrants mix with students and creative locals surrounded by cool little shops, inspiring eateries and thirst quenching bars.

Speaking of the latter why not check out our very own Nørrebro cocktail hot spot Bar Next Door while you’re in town?

The full lowdown for 2017: We welcome new restaurants and relocate others

The full lowdown for 2017: We welcome new restaurants and relocate others

Families come in all shapes and sizes. At Madklubben we’re a family of restaurants serving up great food at fair prices and that family is facing a bulk of exciting changes in 2017. Some restaurants are moving from one place to another, while no less than three brand new concepts in Copenhagen have been announced.

Catch up on all the tasty details right here:

Gran Torino: Our Italian crowd favorite closed at its current location by the end of 2016. On February 3rd the restaurant will open right next door in a more intimate setting at Sortedam Dossering number 5.

Madklubben Nørrebro: Our newest Madklubben branch will move into the space previously occupied by Gran Torino at Sortedam Dossering number 7C. This bustling urban eatery will open its doors on February 6th. Book your table here.

Hanzō: The Pan-Asian success will have its last opening day at Sortedam Dossering number 5 on January 21st. The location will be taken over by Italian sister restaurant Gran Torino, while Hanzō moves to a new and undisclosed venue in the city center during spring 2017.

Bazaar: As if we didn’t have enough exciting projects on our plate come late summer 2017 we will also open a Middle Eastern restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen. The exact location is still to be announced, but Bazaar will feature a wide array of delicacies from the Moorish, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines.

Reserve your table at Madklubben Nørrebro now

Reserve your table at Madklubben Nørrebro now

Even though skilled carpenters, table saws and paint brushes still dominate the space soon to become Madklubben Nørrebro – our latest addition to the Madklubben family – we’re now so far along in the process that we’re able to open up for future reservations.

From Monday the 6th of February we welcome you to the brand new restaurant complete with bright red dining chairs created by renowned Danish designer Børge Mogensen in the late 1940’s, brandy colored couches and stylish glass lamps by Danish design icon Louis Poulsen. And that’s just the decor! As far as the menu goes you can look forward to a tasty mix with the best from the Middle East, Denmark, France and the US. The prices will (as always at Madklubben) be more than fair.

We’ll soon be able to present the final menu but if you’re a true first mover who wants to be among the very first guests at Madklubben Nørrebro you can book your table straight away by clicking right here.

Grand plans for Nørrebro: New concepts and several restaurant moves are on the way

Grand plans for Nørrebro: New concepts and several restaurant moves are on the way

New year – new adventures! As we bid ”adieu” to 2016 and enter into 2017 we here at Madklubben also prepare to embark on a new and exciting a journey that will welcome a new restaurant to our family as well see two of our current eateries relocated to new venues.

Get ready for Madklubben Nørrebro:

December 31st 2016 marked the last opening day of our Italian restaurant Gran Torino at its current location in the courtyard at Sortedam Dossering number 7C. The construction workers have already taken over the space to create Madklubben Nørrebro: A combination of all the best things from the existing Madklubben restaurants mixed with the umistakebly cool vibe that already dominates at sister restaurant Madklubben Vesterbro.

”Since the opening in 2012 Madklubben Vesterbro has become a huge success. We believe it’s due to the fact that the food, decor and atmosphere all mirror the urban and cultural fabric of this specific part of Copenhagen,” says Madklubben’s founder and owner Anders Aagaard before elaborating on the plans for Madklubben Nørrebro:

”The district of Nørrebro calls for a restaurant of the same caliber: A neighborhood spot packed with guests on a Tuesday as well as a Saturday where the menu reflects the Middle Eastern cuisine, which is woven deeply into the cultural fabric of Nørrebro. Naturally served at the great value-for-money prices that people have come to expect from a Madklubben restaurant.”

New venues for Gran Torino and Hanzō:

As we prepare for the opening of Madklubben Nørrebro two of our other popular concepts will move to new locations. Gran Torino will relocate to the space currently occupied by our Asian restaurant Hanzō at Sortedam Dossering number 5. In turn, Hanzō will move to a brand new and (for now) secret venue in the heart of Copenhagen during the spring of 2017.

”Both Gran Torino and Hanzō are successful concepts, but we believe that they can develop even more at other locations. Gran Torino will become a more intimate restaurant with a renewed focus on great pizzas combined with outdoor service by the lake during spring and summer. Hanzō on the other hand will be able to fulfill its potential as a speakeasy gastronomic brat in the city center,” concludes Anders Aagaard.

When it comes to big building projects like this, schedules tend to shift back and forth a bit. But as of now, we expect the the new restaurant openings and moves to be completed at these dates:

  • Madklubben Nørrebro: Will open at 7C Sortedam Dossering on February 6th 2017.
  • Gran Torino: Last day of service at 7C Sortedam Dossering on December 31st 2016 – will reopen at 5 Sortedam Dossering on February 3rd 2017.
  • Hanzō: Last day of service at 5 Sortedam Dossering on January 21st 2017 – will reopen in the heart of Copenhagen during spring 2017 at an unannounced location.

Valentine’s Day at Madklubben’s restaurants explained through GIFs

Valentine’s Day at Madklubben’s restaurants explained through GIFs

If you love someone just as much as we love great food then why not ask that special person out on Valentine’s Day? All of our 8 restaurants are open and ready to cook up a scrumptious and romantic dinner at fair prices.

With that many possible choices we knew that we had to explain the mood at each and every restaurant in order for you to pick the perfect place for a culinary Valentine’s date. Not through words, neither through pictures, but through GIFs. Enjoy!

Bar Next Door:

Okay, so actually Bar Next Door won’t be open as such on February the 14th seeing as it’s a Sunday. But if you’re a midnight romantic why not invite your significant other out for a cocktail when Saturday the 13th turns into Sunday the 14th? Bar Next Door is open until 2 am.

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe:

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe is the perfect destination if you want to impress your date with dinner in an elegant designer restaurant. With a three-course menu starting at just 200 DKK maybe even your accountant will fall back in love with you?


Our popular Italian eatery close to Nyhavn sports an intimate feel complete with candlelights and small nooks and crannies for dining with your loved one(s). Dive in to the famous spaghetti meatballs or explore the a la carte selection. 3 courses start at 200 DKK. #ThatsAmore

Bistro Royal:

With a roast to share, creamy béarnaise sauce and sinful desserts served at fair prices the menu at Bistro Royal on Kongens Nytorv is as romantic as it gets. Stare dreamingly into your lover’s eyes. And by lover we mean a whole lobster straight from the grill. Who else?

Gran Torino:

Located in a hidden courtyard in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, Italian eatery Gran Torino is the perfect spot if you’re looking for some classic ”Lady & The Tramp” romance. Explore the ”Lazy Sunday” menu complete with steamy pizzas, a killer lasagne and the chef’s very own tiramisu.


Our pan Asian restaurant is located right by the picturesque ”Lakes” between Nørrebro and the city centre. Enjoy nothing short of a 13-course dinner with a complementary glass of bubbly for only 350 DKK. Tickets have to be purchased in advance through shop.madklubben.dk (only available in Danish).

Alabama Social:

If you’re not afraid to show off your eating skills take your date to Alabama Social. Our American soul food restaurant produces scrumptious dishes that will make you fall in love with the Cajun kitchen all over again.

Madklubben Steak:

Madklubben’s vibrant steakhouse is located in the heart of the city. Say, ”I love you!” with a sizzling piece of meat straight from the grill and don’t forget to finish off with something sweet before a kiss awaits in the street.

Madklubben Vesterbro:

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s dinner in a youthful and edgy setting look no further than Madklubben Vesterbro. Get ready to indulge in burgers, steaks and a tempting array of yummy starters and desserts. A date suited for the loving foodie in your life!

Confused? Don’t despair! It’s easy to get a full overview of Madklubben’s many restaurants and their menus right here. Don’t forget to book your table in advance.

XOXO, Madklubben