Now we are ready to reveal our new exciting take away concept at Madklubben’s newest restaurant by Copenhagen’s man-made lakes: FOOD CLUB. Are you having a hard time choosing what you would like to bring with you to go from our buffet? No worries. FOOD CLUB’s take away concept does the trick: Enjoy 3 salads, 1 warm dish, 1 sauce and bread for just DKK 115.

In other words you’ll get to taste several of our colorful salads – maybe our noodle salat with broccoli, ponzu dressing, cilantro and sesame seeds? Organic beetroots with feta cheese, basil, balsamic oil and olive oil? Or how about our grilled zucchini and peppers with a bean purée? Enjoy your salads in the company of a warm dish: It can be vegan, vegetarian, meat- or fish-based. Top off everything with one of our popular FOOD CLUB sauces.

Are you really hungry? Remember you always have the opportunity to add extra greens, meat, fish or sauce based on your needs and that at prices from DKK 15. Likewise you always have the option to complete your order with a sweet finisher and selected beverages.

You can see our full take away menu right here. Wish to order some food? Then just follow our link here. Bon appetit!