Welcome to Madklubbens big “Project Østerbro”

We’ve bought the iconic ”PARK” building in the heart of Copenhagen’s stylish Østerbro city district. Here we’ve begun clearing out the old memories, furniture and decor in order to give the historic space a brand new start. August 1st 2017 we opened Tony’s Østerbro and our event/group space will follow suit from November 1st. By the end of the year a third venue, Madklubben Østerbro, will join the family.

Get the full low down on our plans by clicking on “About the project” in the menu above.

Got the Christmas party under control yet?

Got the Christmas party under control yet?

Okay, so we know you might be thinking ”Why on earth are they advertising for Christmas already?”, while you pause and realize that it might actually not be that long before the malls are covered in sparkly ornaments and supermarkets are packed with candy canes and peppernuts (check the link to learn more about this classic Danish Christmas cookie.)

Don’t worry there’s still some time to go, but it’s now you have to get going with booking a table if you want to secure the perfect date and time for this year’s Christmas dinner with your colleagues, friends or family.

We’ve gathered all our restaurants on one festive and ”Christmassy” landing page (we thought about dressing it up even further with snow and elves, but we thought it would be better to ease you into it.) On the site groups of 10 guests or more can explore classic and more untraditional Christmas restaurant experiences all characterized by scrumptious food and more than fair prices.

See you at madklubben.dk/en/christmas soon!

Check out the photos: Our new Italian restaurant in Østerbro

Check out the photos: Our new Italian restaurant in Østerbro

On August 1st 2017 we opened the doors to Tony’s Østerbro – a big little brother to our popular Tony’s restaurant in the city center. Tony’s Østerbro is located in a beautiful building from the 1920’s right next door to the athletics stadium in the stylish Copenhagen neighborhood of Østerbro.

See how the historic and worn down venue has been brought back to life as a restaurant with 150 seats inspired by an old school hotel lobby, an Italian trattoria and an American gangster hideout.
Tony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's ØsterbroTony's ØsterbroTony's Østerbro   Tony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's ØsterbroTony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's Østerbro Tony's ØsterbroTony's Østerbro

Book your table now: Tony’s Østerbro opens Tuesday August 1st

Book your table now: Tony’s Østerbro opens Tuesday August 1st

It won’t be long until Madklubben‘s Italian mobster foodie from New York (or at least that’s how we imagine Tony) arrives in the stylish Copenhagen district of Østerbro. From Tuesday August 1st you can take a seat in the spacious venue at Østerbrogade number 79, which has undergone an impressive renovation and soon will be packed with beautiful furniture and great food served at more than fair prices.

We’ve now opened our booking system so you can start scheduling your first visit to Tony’s Østerbro. Follow this link to reserve a table.

The concept is a spitting image of the original Tony’s in Havnegade close to historic Nyhavn in Copenhagen’s city center. You mix and match your own three course dinner from as little as DKK 200. Read all about the menu here, and keep updated with the latest news through Tony’s Østerbro’s Facebook page.

The menu has landed at Tony’s Østerbro

The menu has landed at Tony’s Østerbro

With the opening of Tony’s Østerbro approaching more and more pieces of the restaurant puzzle are falling into place. Now the menu is also online. Actually that might have been the easiest part of the entire process seeing as it is a 1 to 1 copy of the selection at the original and mighty popular Tony’s close to historic Nyhavn.

As a result, you can look forward to classics such as vitello tonnato, spaghetti meatballs and tiramisu aplenty side by side with tempting seasonal dishes rooted in the Italian/American repertoire. Take a look at the full menu here, which will change to a new fall edition come August 22nd.

Soon we’ll open up for table reservations. Keep yourself updated here on the website or through Tony’s Østerbro’s Facebook page if you want to be among the very first to know.

Grand plans: We are working on more than 6 new restaurants in Copenhagen

Grand plans: We are working on more than 6 new restaurants in Copenhagen

Photo: Rasmus Kramer Schou – This building will house Tony’s Østerbro, Madklubben Østerbro and a new event space

Springtime has officially arrived and just like all the flowers and trees in the Danish capital, future plans for Madklubben are blooming. A wide array of media outlets from Politiken to Berlingske and beyond have reported on our new tasty projects set to open in 2017 but to make things easier we’ve collected all the essential information for you right here:

Madklubben Frederiksberg: This scrumptious yet elegant neighborhood spot will open in an old train station in the smack middle of Frederiksberg by the end of May.

Tony’s Østerbro: We’ve acquired one of Copenhagen’s most iconic buildings located in Østerbro. Dating back to 1926 the impressive structure used to house a wide array of night clubs and restaurants and will be resurrected with several new Madklubben concepts. The first to open is Tony’s Østerbro in the summer of 2017 – a duplicate of our Italian crowd favorite close to Nyhavn.

More room for events: Did you wonder what that ”more than five restaurants” in the title meant? Well, it isn’t exactly a restaurant of its own but we’re creating a beautiful space for large groups and parties in the same building in Østerbro. Set to open during the summer this will become the perfect place for your birthday party, wedding, company celebration etc.

Bazaar: Announced in the very end of 2016 our Arabian inspired restaurant is currently underway in a former post office in Dronningens Tværgade in the heart of Copenhagen. We expect the opening to take place late summer or in the beginning of the fall 2017.

”Con Amore”: This is not going to be the actual name of the restaurant but it’s our working title: ”With Love”. In Ny Adelgade right by Kongens Nytorv we are working on a smaller and more exclusive restaurant than what you might expect from a Madklubben project. We look forward to telling you more soon.

Værnedamsvej: On this charming little street connecting the neighborhoods of Vesterbro and Frederiksberg we are also working on creating a great little restaurant in 2017.

Hanzō: Our popular pan-Asian eatery that closed in Nørrebro the beginning of the year is still on the hunt for a new home. We have a few different options on our hands and we can’t wait to bring back Hanzō to our restaurant family in 2017.