We here at Madklubben have acquired one of Copenhagen’s most iconic buildings located in Østerbro. Dating back to 1926 the impressive structure used to house a wide array of night clubs and restaurants and will be resurrected with several new Madklubben concepts. The first to open was Tony’s Østerbro on August 1st 2017 – a duplicate of our Italian crowd favorite close to Nyhavn.

The second part of the project isn’t exactly a restaurant of its own but we’re creating a beautiful event space for large groups and parties in the same building. Set to open on November 1st, this will become the perfect place for your birthday party, wedding, company celebration etc.

By the end of the year, the third and final part of the project, Madklubben Østerbro, will join the family with a capacity of a whopping 350 guests. We can’t wait to show you the finished result!