Finally we can reveal the menu for FOOD CLUB’s opening night January 22nd. We have one rule: We wish to serve the best commodities of the season and create delicious dishes for you, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, flexitarian or just really fond of meat!

Even though our menu offers various kinds of fish plus light and red meat, it’s not even a lie that vegetarian and vegan dishes actually dominate our food selection. “Plant foods? Then you can only eat carrots?” Yes we know all the prejudices and questions, but at FOOD CLUB it certainly doesn’t have to be a boring affaire to eat either vegan or vegetarian. On the contrary, our chefs are having a wonderful time experimenting with the incredible spectrum of flavors and colors which the plant foods offer.

In the buffet, you’ll find a plentitude of sustainable and healthy dishes with everything just from organic falafel made from edamame beans and chickpea flour, grilled organic cauliflower with spices from the Middle East and biodynamic mozzarella to pearl cous cous with grilled bell peppers, garlic, chili, herbs and pomegranate. And despite the calendar showing January and thus prompting a more healthy lifestyle, we strongly feel that you shouldn’t miss out on the satisfying sinners of the buffet. How does creamy pearl barley risotto sound? Or maybe Mac`n’Cheese made with cheddar? Also the crispy French fries, as you know them the best, are always a winner.

Please note, that the menu selection is dynamic, which is why we can’t guarantee, that all elements will be present on the buffet at all times. We do though dare to promise you, that there will be something for you no matter your preferences!

Take a look at our sneak peek menu right here.