Welcome to Steak Royal

Right by City Hall lies Regnbuepladsen, which translates to ”The Rainbow Square”. This urban space is decked in cobblestone and is also home to Steak Royal: A beautiful eatery born out of a dream to honor classic gastronomy while never loosing sight of the latest trends. As the name implies, meat plays a big part at Steak Royal, but the menu is also packed with seafood and vegetables. Take a seat in the airy and bright dining room on the ground floor or descend to the cozy and stylish basement complete with semi-private booths and an extensive cocktail bar.

Danish top blogger recommends paying a summer visit to these Madklubben restaurants

Danish top blogger recommends paying a summer visit to these Madklubben restaurants

Photo: Michael Falgren

Where to eat? Where to drink? Where to let the kids play? Where to go partying? Those are just some of the questions that Danish blogger Cecilie Rubini aka. Sneglcille sets out to answer in her newly published guide to summertime fun in Copenhagen (in Danish).

Cecilie has been writing for 8 years and was recently elected to be part of the brand new and handpicked blogging community Confetti CPH. Her ability to seek out quality minded, irresistible and oftentimes ”off the beaten path” experiences comes through in the tempting article titled ”On vacation in Copenhagen: With and without kids.”

In her guide Cecilie has – in her own words – collected ”all her favorite places”. We’re super proud that Madklubben’s restaurant family is mentioned as a must when trying to decide on where to go out for dinner in the Danish capital:

”There are many restaurants to chose between, but my favorites are Steak Royal, Bistro Royal, Gran Torino and Tony’s. At the first two you HAVE to order the Coupe Royal for dessert.”

Wondering what a Coupe Royal is? Then check out our tribute article to the sinful dessert mixing ice cream, caramel, nuts and Oreos (in Danish). You can read more about each of Cecilie’s Madklubben recommendations by clicking on the various restaurant names in the quote above.

Have a great summer! We hope to see you at one of our restaurants soon…

Guide: Delightful summer drinks from Steak Royal

Guide: Delightful summer drinks from Steak Royal

The summer is here! Whether you’re in the Danish capital for business or pleasure it’s important to remember a solid piece of advice from health experts: Stay hydrated! But don’t worry. No matter if you’re longing for a feminine, masculine, sweet, strong, fresh, classic or modern drink Steak Royal right next to Copenhagen City Hall has got you covered.

An (ice)cold draft beer:

Draft beer is an essential stable at a steak house. During the warm summer days we cherish our cold draft beer here at Steak Royal. Our glasses are pulled directly from the freezer so if you’re tired of dull and luke warm beer from your wet festival tent this is your chance to enjoy a real, cold Danish “fadbamse” (a traditional local term, which translates directly to “draft teddy bear”.

A glass of pink rosé:

Oh well. It might be an immortal summer cliché – but not for no reason! The liquid pink flavor symphony featuring notes of vanilla, white flowers and strawberries is a refreshing cure for your summer thirst. And when served ice cold in the beautiful sunlight you’ll find yourself in the exact setting that Danes have been dreaming of in the long winter months.

Lillet Vive & Lillet Hugo:

When we can’t go to the South of Europe during the summer we must bring the South of Europe to us. And drinks in the evening sun at “The Rainbow Square” right outside our dorr  is the perfect compromise. At Steak Royal we combine the best exotic elements and mix them together in appealing summer cocktails. Our “Lillet Vive” features a colorful mix of strawberries, cucumber and mint. Or how about trying its sister drink, the “Lillet Hugo”, which offers up notes of elderflower from your grandparents’ garden and a twist of exotic lime?

Check out the full selection of beverages and the complete wine list at Steak Royal right here.

This post was written by Madklubben’s summer intern Monica Liv Neerdal.

Dine at both Bistro Royal, Tony’s and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in one evening

Dine at both Bistro Royal, Tony’s and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in one evening

You know the scenario: You feel like dining out but just can’t decide on where to go or what you’re in the mood for. Should you opt for Italian? French? Or maybe just play it safe with a great steak? On Sunday August 20th you don’t have to choose because we’re giving you a unique possibility to visit no less than three great restaurants in just one night.

As part of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival we’re hosting a Food Crawl in the heart of historic Copenhagen, which means you’ll have your starter at one restaurant, your main course at another restaurant and your dessert at a third and entirely different restaurant. The participating venues are Bistro Royal at Kongens Nytorv, Tony’s in Havnegade and Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe in Store Kongensgade – all conveniently located in the city centre so you can walk or bike from one place to another.

Check out this video from last year’s Food Crawl hosted at our restaurants in Nørrebro:

The tickets have already been released and they’re selling like hotcakes. A ticket to Madklubben’s Food Crawls costs DKK 300 and includes a glass of bubbly upon arrival. You can choose between different starting times on each of the three ”routes” on offer:

Starter at Gran Torino – Main course at Alabama Social – Dessert at Madklubben Nørrebro
Starter at Madklubben Nørrebro – Main course at Gran Torino – Dessert at Alabama Social
Starter at Alabama Social – Main course at Madklubben Nørrebro – Dessert at Gran Torino

Do you know a foodie who would love to visit three different restaurants in just one night? Then why not read more about the event and how to secure tickets right here. Don’t forget that we’re hosting a similar Food Crawl in vibrant city district of Nørrebro a week later on Sunday August 27th where you’ll get to visit Gran Torino, Alabama Social and Madklubben Nørrebro.

All our restaurants except Madklubben Vesterbro will be closed on Monday June 5th

All our restaurants except Madklubben Vesterbro will be closed on Monday June 5th

Monday June 5th. Second day of Pentecost. Day of the Danish Constitution. Father’s Day. We have many names for things we like and this year we will ad yet another one to the list: “Double Trouble Birthday Bash”.

We’ve invited all the employees from Madklubben’s big restaurant family to a grand party celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the very first Madklubben restaurant as well as the 40th birthday of our founder and CEO, Anders Aagaard. We feel like we all deserve to eat well, drink well and dance ugly for one night.

But don’t despair if you’ve been planning on dining out on Monday June 5th. We’ve called in some extra help in order to keep Madklubben Vesterbro open for service. Check out their scrumptious menu here and book your table online with just a few clicks.

PLEASE NOTE that Bistro Royal will also be closed for breakfast on Tuesday June 6th in order to give our colleagues a fair chance to recover. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Grand plans: We are working on more than 6 new restaurants in Copenhagen

Grand plans: We are working on more than 6 new restaurants in Copenhagen

Photo: Rasmus Kramer Schou – This building will house Tony’s Østerbro, Madklubben Østerbro and a new event space

Springtime has officially arrived and just like all the flowers and trees in the Danish capital, future plans for Madklubben are blooming. A wide array of media outlets from Politiken to Berlingske and beyond have reported on our new tasty projects set to open in 2017 but to make things easier we’ve collected all the essential information for you right here:

Madklubben Frederiksberg: This scrumptious yet elegant neighborhood spot will open in an old train station in the smack middle of Frederiksberg by the end of May.

Tony’s Østerbro: We’ve acquired one of Copenhagen’s most iconic buildings located in Østerbro. Dating back to 1926 the impressive structure used to house a wide array of night clubs and restaurants and will be resurrected with several new Madklubben concepts. The first to open is Tony’s Østerbro in the summer of 2017 – a duplicate of our Italian crowd favorite close to Nyhavn.

More room for events: Did you wonder what that ”more than five restaurants” in the title meant? Well, it isn’t exactly a restaurant of its own but we’re creating a beautiful space for large groups and parties in the same building in Østerbro. Set to open during the summer this will become the perfect place for your birthday party, wedding, company celebration etc.

Bazaar: Announced in the very end of 2016 our Arabian inspired restaurant is currently underway in a former post office in Dronningens Tværgade in the heart of Copenhagen. We expect the opening to take place late summer or in the beginning of the fall 2017.

”Con Amore”: This is not going to be the actual name of the restaurant but it’s our working title: ”With Love”. In Ny Adelgade right by Kongens Nytorv we are working on a smaller and more exclusive restaurant than what you might expect from a Madklubben project. We look forward to telling you more soon.

Værnedamsvej: On this charming little street connecting the neighborhoods of Vesterbro and Frederiksberg we are also working on creating a great little restaurant in 2017.

Hanzō: Our popular pan-Asian eatery that closed in Nørrebro the beginning of the year is still on the hunt for a new home. We have a few different options on our hands and we can’t wait to bring back Hanzō to our restaurant family in 2017.

Madklubben turns 10: We’re celebrating by hosting a range of delicious Sunday dinners

Madklubben turns 10: We’re celebrating by hosting a range of delicious Sunday dinners

The beginning of May 2017 marks the decennial of the original Madklubben restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen close to Amalienborg Castle and Kongens Nytorv. Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe is still located at the very same spot and guests still flock to The popular eatery to indulge in great food served at more than fair prices.

Much has happened during the first 10 years and the Madklubben family now boasts an equal amount of branches: 10 different kinds each with its own unique character and concept. But we never rest and are thus also planning a range of new exciting projects. That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate turning 10 by focusing on where Madklubben as a brand is heading for the future.

As a result we’re giving you the opportunity to participate in three very different ”food clubs” scheduled to take place in late April and early May. Here we’ll explore some of the themes set to inspire the coming development of our restaurant concepts. This will include themes such as The Middle East, social responsibility, sustainability, plant based food and the talents of tomorrow.

SOLD OUT! Sunday April 30th at 6 pm: “The Green Food Club”:

Our chefs are giving meat a time-out. In stead they’ll be cooking solely with vegetables, plants and herbs in all different shapes and sizes. Get ready for a dining experience that will benefit the environment, your body and economy alike. Though Madklubben has no intention of becoming a full time vegetarian restaurant we are looking to strengthen the use of greens at all of our eateries.

Price: DKK 200 per person for 4 courses – drinks not included
Where: Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe, Store Kongensgade 66
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

SOLD OUT! Sunday May 7th at 6 pm: ”The Responsible Food Club”:

Here at Madklubben we’ll soon embark on a collaboration with company entrée, which helps refugees and migrants find work, purpose and new direction through employment at restaurants in Copenhagen. The head chef and employees of entrée will assist our chefs in creating and serving a Middle-Eastern feast that also echoes the news of our coming restaurant Bazaar set to open in late summer.

Price: DKK 300 per person for 10-15 dishes served ”family style” to share – drinks not included
Where: Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe, Store Kongensgade 66
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

SOLD OUT! Sunday May 14th at 6 pm: ”The Talented Food Club”:

In our kitchens the talented chefs are the ones who make it all happen. Some are fully trained masters of their craft while others are still completing their apprenticeships. Cheering on ”the talents of tomorrow” we’ll give apprentices from several of Madklubben’s restaurants creative freedom in order for them to create a spectacular evening complete with a grand tasting menu, complementing wines and great atmosphere.

Price: DKK 500 for a surprise tasting menu with a minimum of 5 courses – including a glass of sparkling wine upon arrival and a full wine menu.
Where: Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe, Store Kongensgade 66
Tickets: SOLD OUT!

Please note that all three events will be held as “social dinners” where you dine at communal tables next to new friends you just haven’t met yet.

Egg-citing times: See our opening hours during Easter 2017

Egg-citing times: See our opening hours during Easter 2017

Okay, okay, sorry about that headline pun. We’re not trying to yolk with you, it’s just that we’re hatching a plan to make sure you can also enjoy great food at fair prices at Madklubben’s restaurants during the holidays. Isn’t it nice to know that some-bunny is looking out for you this Easter?

Only a chicken will close down during ALL of Easter, and thus we aren’t talking massive changes to our regular opening hours. Several of our restaurants are always closed un Sundays, which will also be the case in the coming week. Get the full low down here:

Espresso Martini: Where to enjoy the coffee drink of your dreams in Copenhagen

Espresso Martini: Where to enjoy the coffee drink of your dreams in Copenhagen

On weekdays, Copenhageners love their coffee. On weekends, Copenhageners love their cocktails. The perfect combination is an obvious choice: Espresso Martini!

The mix of vodka, Kahlua and freshly brewed espresso results in a creamy, sweet and powerful concoction, which serves perfectly as a sensory punch when you need to back in gear after dinner or simply crave an energy boost on a night out on town.

Espresso Martini is a crowd favorite at several of our Madklubben family members. Check out the list beneath to get the full low down on where you can sip your Espresso Martini and how much it costs.

Cheers, and happy weekend!

International magazine: ”Steak Royal typifies big taste for good value”

International magazine: ”Steak Royal typifies big taste for good value”

Back in September of 2016 a British journalist from the international fashion, travel and entertainment media Bello Magazine paid a visit to Steak Royal. Our popular steak house, also known for serving up a wide array of seafood and veggies, really struck a chord with the reporter. The latest issue of Bello Magazine just arrived and contains a rave review of the restaurant that makes us beam with pride!

With more than 5 million readers across the US, England, France and Canada alongside an Instagram following of 45.000 people, what Bello says definitely does matter. Then what DID they say when they came to visit us in Copenhagen? Find the answer by reading the article in full right here. Or simply have a look below where we’ve been allowed to bring a handful of quotes:

”The restaurant scene was one of the major positives to this great city, and luckily enough for us, we were given the best tip prior to visiting – visit and dine at Steak Royal.”

Steak Royal typifies big taste for good value, it delivers succulent dishes, that fill the restaurant with deep aromas and passionate cooking.”

”The service is impeccable, again, very appealing with a relaxed but earnest notion to it. Even though the restaurant was fully booked, and thriving on a busy Thursday evening, staff were on hand at every moment.”

”We enjoyed a Fish Taco of deep fried cod, with lime, avocado and coriander to start, with a mouthwatering beef tenderloin as our main course… with the taste unmatchable, it is a question of time before I go back.”

Winter highlights: What to eat at our restaurants right now

Winter highlights: What to eat at our restaurants right now

With a restaurant family boasting a large number of scrumptious eateries throughout Copenhagen it can be quite difficult to decide which Madklubben branch to visit. We have classic French bistros, juicy steak houses, urban hot spots, Italian favorites and even an American soul food restaurant.

To make the search easier we’ve selected a single item from each of the menus in order to inspire your next restaurant visit. Click on a restaurant’s name and follow the link to the full menu if you feel tempted to read more. Warning: Severe munchies may ensue!

Alabama Social: Feel the winter cold be replaced by a culinary heatwave with Alabama Social’s sticky hot wings. Marinated in extra spicy buffalo sauce and topped with chopped peanuts these birds are part of the restaurants “build your own three course menu from DKK 300” concept.

Madklubben Vesterbro:
Experience a traditional maritime dish popular in both Germany and Denmark but with an elegant twist. ”Lobscouse” is a stew made from veal, onions and potatoes, but we also added oyster mushrooms and truffle butter. It’s yours for a mere DKK 100.

Bistro Royal:
Trying to eat healthy in the new year but also want to treat yourself? Then Bistro Royal’s yellowfin tuna tartare is the perfect choice. Dig in to a creamy mix of chopped ruby red fish, avocado, fresh herbs and a dressing made from soy, sesame, ginger and lime. DKK 85.

Madklubben Steak: When the Copenhagen cold is ripping through your nostrils and winter coat you better seek refuge at our steak loving food club in the heart of the city. Start off your meal with the creamy mushroom bisque packed with pickled mushrooms, herbs and chopped hazelnuts. Get it as a part of your three course dinner for 300 DKK. Did we mention, that you can add scallops to the soup for an additional DKK 25?

Tony’s: Our Italian eatery right by the historic ”Nyhavn” harbor district always serves up simple Italian deliciousness. The house ossobuco is no exception and this Milanese specialty with slowly braised and incredibly tender beef shank is served with creamy polenta, parmesan and gremolata for an additional DKK 25 to the DKK 200 three course menu.

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe:
The original Madklubben branch is the definition of a value for money experience known for serving up elegant gastronomy at more than fair prices. Try the house steak tartare, which changes it’s ”clothes” according to the season. Right now it’s dressed in truffle mayonnaise, pickled mushrooms, tarragon and potato crisps. Only DKK 50 as part of a two or three course menu.

Steak Royal:
What could possibly make lobster better? Oh yeah, how about broiling it under the grill with French Gruyere cheese, béchamel sauce and bred crumbs ground with fresh parsley. Voilà! The result is an irresistible classic by the name of ”Lobster Thermidor” served with a wedge of grilled lime and a stunning green hue from the parsley leaves.

Bar Next Door:
Okay, so it might not be a restaurant, but we simply had to include our popular cocktail bar in the bustling city district of Nørrebro. The team as Bar Next Door has created a silky smooth creation by the name of “Mayate”. Get ready for a mix of Calle 23 tequila, Kahlua, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and egg whites covered in its own little powdered sugar snow storm. It’s your for DKK 85.