Welcome to take away from Gran Torino in a brand new version. Here you can discover our selection of antipasti for just DKK 35 and DKK 45 a piece, or you can choose our 4 antipasti favorites for DKK 100. Taste our air-dried, salted beef fillet better known as “bresaola”, creamy organic mozzarella also called “burrata” or “carpaccio” made from thinly sliced beef with truffle oil and pine nuts on top. And that’s just the beginning.

The lead role at Gran Torino is played by our delicate pizzas ranging from classic creations to more creative ideas. All pizzas are baked and based on Neapolitan traditions, naturally, and they’re yours for prices from DKK 75 to DKK 125. Alternatively you can order our lasagna – we offer the well known kind with bolognese, tomato and mozzarella or a vegetarian, white lasagna with grilled peppers, artichoke, creamy bechamel and mozzarella. Make your lasagna choice for just DKK 115.

Wish to spoil yourself a little extra? Top off your order with a sweet dessert or something nice to drink. On our menu you’ll also find a selection of both soft drinks, beer and wine.

You can see our full take away menu right here. Wish to order some food? Then just follow our link here. Buon appetito!