Welcome to Tony’s Havnegade                                                                     

What would a New York based Italian mobster with a great love of food have for dinner? You’ll find the answer on Tony’s menu. Located at the far end of the historic “Nyhavn” harbour Tony’s serves up simple and tasty gastronomy based on classic Italian traditions with our own personal twist. You pick and choose your own three course dinner from as little as DKK 225 and enjoy it either in the cozy basement space complete with windows that allow you to see the chefs in action or on the upper floor decorated like a Southern European living room. 

Tony’s hosts an irresistible New Year’s Eve dinner – are you joining?

Tony’s hosts an irresistible New Year’s Eve dinner – are you joining?

What would an Italian mobster foodie from New York serve on the last night of the year? The New Year’s feast at Tony’s Havnegade answers that question: Carpaccio, truffle risotto, beef tenderloin and chocolate can be found on the menu.

The atmosphere is amazing and the celebration is cosmopolitan at dear Mr. Tony’s in the beautiful Havnegade street at the end of Nyhavn. Do you want it to be refined and intimate but with an edge for this year’s festive celebrations? Then this is where you should host your New Year’s Eve dinner. Among our brown leather couches, grand open kitchen and sociable round tables you can eat your way towards 2019 with exquisite food and in company of your loved ones.

Taste the Italian favorites in our excellent carpaccio with beef tenderloin with parmesan cheese, crispy and caramelized unions, oregano, lemon oil and arugula or in our juicy tournedos of beef tenderloin served with gnocchi, Jerusalem artichokes and truffle béarnaise. Let the taste of pleasure and well-being fill up the last hours of 2018 and welcome 2019 on a full stomach!

Read more about our event and take part in our New Year celebrations for the fantastic price of DKK 600 by clicking here. Spice up your evening by purchasing our wine menu here. Are you bringing the kids? No worries. We offer a “children edition” of our New Year’s Eve menu for half the price right here.

At 11.30 pm we thank you for tonight and wish each other a happy New Year so our lovely staff can get home and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family. We are looking forward to be sending you happy and full towards the new year!

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Tony’s invite you to an “Italian style” Christmas dinner at Havnegade

Tony’s invite you to an “Italian style” Christmas dinner at Havnegade

An Italian gangster foodie from New York shares his family’s Christmas favorites. That’s the concept behind Tony’s Havnegade close to historic Nyhavn. Experience one of the smaller and more intimate venues in our restaurant family boasting an unparalleled atmosphere.

Do you want charming and cozy but with a cool edge for your Christmas party this year? Then let Tony’s Havnegade host you and your guests! In the restaurant of our Italian mobster the concept is simple, smooth and smart: Great company, beautiful surroundings and fabulous food! The restaurant is decorated with black/white checkered floors, Frank Sinatra in the speakers and green Eames chairs, which creates a cosmopolitan and intimate Christmas spirit.

But don’t forget that Tony is from The Big Apple – he still knows how to party! The party starts in the kitchen where he combines his Italian heritage with a dynamic metropolitan vibe. Here we cook a special Christmas style duck burger: Warm brioche bun with rosemary duck confit served with balsamic pickled red cabbage, salted cucumber, mustard mayo and fried potatoes plus a favorable truffle risotto with black truffles, roasted mushrooms, roasted hazelnuts, mascarpone and lots of parmesan cheese. For dessert Tony’s American mobster heritage comes to show in his creamy chocolate cake served with hazelnuts and marshmallows.

Click here if you wish to see all your options and how you book a table. Less than 10 persons? No worries – if you just bring the party, we’ll bring the food! The restaurant’s Christmas à la carte comes into force from November 6th.

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Great news: Soon you can get take away delivered from ALL OF Madklubben’s restaurants!

Great news: Soon you can get take away delivered from ALL OF Madklubben’s restaurants!

In April something new and exciting happened at three of Madklubben’s popular restaurants. After many year’s of hungry requests from our guests, Alabama Social, Gran Torino and Food Club opened for take away. And we think it has gone quite well. In fact we think it has gone so well, that we’ve decided to expand the concept to ALL of the restaurants in the Madklubben family!

We will start with our pizza joints Frankies from October 20th, and in the coming weeks the rest of the restaurants will follow. So soon you will be able to enjoy our juicy steaks, great salads, delicious desserts and much, much more whenever and wherever you want!

Wolt will be our partner in this endeavor, and it will be possible to order your food directly via Wolt’s mobile app and directly from Wolt’s website.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about the menus from our take away restaurants, and we will be sure to let your know when a new restaurant is open for take away. Until then you can work up an appetite and look forward to honest and tasty take away from Saturday October 20th. We sure do!

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019: Tickets are now available

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019: Tickets are now available

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 is slowly getting closer. And even though it mentally still feels like miles away, we can’t stop being just a little excited for this always amazing and festive evening. True to tradition we repeat the succes of the last couple of year’s and invite you to a New Year’s Eve dinner at all Madklubben’s restaurants on the last day of the year. Theres something for everyone (and every age!) and the prices span from DKK 600 to DKK 1.400 per person. While some of our restaurants let you pick and choose your own beverages others have gone the extra mile to tailor an elegant wine pairing as a part of the package.

This year – for something special – we also would love to welcome you inside to our New Year’s Eve dinner at Madklubben’s event space at Østerbro. This will be a social dining experience with an upscale 3 course dinner, free beverages, bubbles and bingo on the program!

Click the on the name of the restaurant of your choice underneath a restaurant name in order to be redirected to our online store where you can purchase your tickets. You can also have a full overview of your options at shop.madklubben.dk/en.

Madklubbens selskabslokaler

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Madklubben Steak

Madklubben Vesterbro

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Madklubben Østerbro

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Tony’s Havnegade

Alabama Social


Frankies Østerbro

Bar Next Door – our cocktail bar in Nørrebro will be transformed into an elegant restaurant with 40 seats for New Year’s Eve.

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Got the Christmas party under control yet? We are here for you!

Got the Christmas party under control yet? We are here for you!

Okay, so we know you might be thinking ”Why on earth are they advertising for Christmas already?”, while you pause and realize that it might actually not be that long before the malls are covered in sparkly ornaments and supermarkets are packed with candy canes and peppernuts (check the link to learn more about this classic Danish Christmas cookie.)

Don’t worry there’s still some time to go, but it’s now you have to get going with booking a table if you want to secure the perfect date and time for this year’s Christmas dinner with your colleagues, friends or family.

Last year we presented our festive and “Christmassy” landing page which can help you get a full overview of all our restaurants, which have a special Christmas menu for you and your party. (And yes, we thought about dressing it up even further with snow and elves, but we thought it would be better to ease you into it). On the site groups of 10 guests or more can explore classic and more untraditional Christmas restaurant experiences all characterized by scrumptious food and more than fair prices.

See you at madklubben.dk/en/christmas soon!