Are you up for a night out without any alcohol? Or are you just in for a little something of both? Perfect. At Bazaar we have quite a few delicious mocktails – it’s sort of like a cocktail just without alcohol.

Every bartender creation is a special seance and both mocktails and cocktails have been tested and fine tuned for several hours before they end up on the cocktail and mocktail card.

We serve mocktails that taste a bit like the traditional cocktails – and we have mocktails that are absolutely unique.

We use special and interestering ingredients such as Seedily Garden from UK where you’ll find Ben Branson in charge of the company and the alternatives to traditional spirits. We use products like the Seedlip Garden which is made like a gin – but it’s not a gin. It contains peas, hays and green herbs and its perfect partner is actually a tonic.

Our mocktails for the tome being are the following:

GRAPE LEMONADE – grape, mint, rosemary, soda

DOCTOR’S ORDER – apple, apricot, ginger, paprika, lemon

ORCHARD SOUR – apple, thyme, lemon, seedlip garden

GUNS N ROSES – Seedlip Garden, rose, tonic

Feel free to ask us about other alternatives or which mocktails you can mix with our dishes. Our bar crew from the other restaurants are also happy to hear from you if you have questions or mocktails wishes.

You can read more about Bazaar here.