When the ominous clouds of the colorful and crazy American election have dispersed it’s time to celebrate another big phenomenon from the promised land: Thanksgiving. On Thursday the 24th of November it’s not about what divides us but what bring us together. And nothing brings people together like a grand turkey dinner with their loved ones.

Say ”thank you” for a great year, say ”thank you” for the support, say ”thank you” for the invitation, say ”thank you” for dinner. There are plenty of options to express your gratitude when Alabama Social serves up a three course dinner with a turkey main course surrounded by side orders and sauces so numerous that your Southern aunt can’t help but blurt out a ”sweet baby Jesus!”.

This year’s Thanksgiving dinner costs DKK 350 per person and includes the entire menu seen below. On top you can order a tailored wine menu for an additional DKK 250. Tickets for Thanksgiving are sold through www.shop.madklubben.dk and you’ll have to use Google Translate or a similar plugin to translate the ticket website from Danish.

Thanksgiving Menu 2016 at Alabama Social

Pumpkin Soup
Butternut squash soup with crayfish and mussels

Stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey – served to share
Roasted turkey breast stuffed with bread crumbs, herbs, garlic and chili

Side orders and sauce for the main course
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Mash – sweet potatoes, potatoes, cream cheese and sour cream
Cranberry sauce
Cajun gravy
Brussel sprouts in a creamy rosemary sauce
Green bean salad with bacon and apples
Freshly baked corn bread with cayenne butter

Apple Pie
Classic apple pie with cinnamon ice cream