New Year’s Eve 2016/2017: Tickets are now available

New Year’s Eve 2016/2017: Tickets are now available

Wan’t to dine out on the last night of the year? Then look no further, because all of our restaurants are open for New Year’s Eve. Theres something for everyone and the prices span from DKK 500 to DKK 1.400 per person. While some of our restaurants let you pick and choose your own beverages others have gone the extra mile to tailor an elegant wine pairing as a part of the package.

Click the name of each restaurant below to see the menu in English.

Click the “SHOP” link underneath a restaurant name in order to be redirected to our online store where you can purchase your tickets.

The webshop is only available in Danish, so we recommend that you use the Google Translate plugin or a similar service to translate the page in real time.

Or click here to get the complete overview of the different price levels at our restaurants for New Year’s Eve.

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe

Madklubben Steak

Madklubben Vesterbro

Bistro Royal

Steak Royal


Alabama Social


Gran Torino

Bar Next Door – our cocktail bar in Nørrebro will be transformed into an elegant restaurant with 40 seats for New Year’s Eve.

Planning a Christmas party? Find the perfect match among our 9 restaurants

Planning a Christmas party? Find the perfect match among our 9 restaurants

Are you in charge of arranging the office Christmas dinner? Taking the friends out for crispy pork with gravy? Or does your whole family simply have a tradition of dining out in December?

Then you can definitely find a restaurant within the Madklubben family that will cater to your needs. Whether you’re looking for classic comfort food with roast and potatoes or your guests crave a tasty holiday detour to Asia, Italy or The United States where ready to wrap you in a blanket of ”hygge” (click here to read the definition of Danish ”hygge”).

Get the complete lowdown on all of our Christmassy group menus starting November 8th right here. They’re all designed for groups of 10 guests or more.

If you want to know a bit more about what each of our 9 restaurants has to offer then take a look at this guide below:

Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe: Classic dishes reinterpreted as elegant servings in ditto surroundings.

Madklubben Vesterbro: Evergreens and creative newcomers served in a cool urban setting.

Madklubben Steak: A Christmas fairytale for steak lovers set in the heart of historic Copenhagen.

Bistro Royal: A full blown classy restaurant close to Nyhavn serving up classic, tasty compositions.

Steak Royal: The steaks take center stage when Steak Royal by City Hall gets in a Christmas mood.

Tony’s: Mix and match your own 3 course Christmas dinner packed with Italian delicacies.

Gran Torino: Take a Christmas break and dig into the pizzas and pastas at our hip Nørrebro eatery.

Hanzō: An Asian taste journey for those set on enjoyning a thoroughly different Christmas dinner.

Alabama Social: Christmas like deep down south sporting comfort food made with love and elegance.

The Human Library joins Madklubben for renowned food festival

The Human Library joins Madklubben for renowned food festival

Are you ready to taste your own prejudices? The Human Library loans out real human beings for personal conversations about challenging and often personal or taboo subjects. Satisfy your curiosity or just get to know a person you otherwise would never have met.

During Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2016 Madklubben Vesterbro gives you a unique chance to combine a lovely dinner with three conversations where you – as a guest – will meet people who are stigmatized, discriminated against or treated differently due to their lifestyle, convictions, ethnicity, job, handicap, sexuality, religion or social status. The ”books” for this event have all volunteered to answer your questions about their subjects.

It all goes down on Monday the 22nd of August at 6 pm where you can enjoy a three course meal paired with three different ”books” from the Human Library for just DKK 200. In many aspects it will be a different dinner where the guests have to be prepared to break the social conventions of a meal in order to engage with unknown co-diners. You will be seated at tables of five guests of which one will be from The Human Library. The ”books” switch from table to table with each course whereas the ticket holding guests will remain seated at the same spot throughout the dinner.


Only 60 seats are available for ”Food Club with The Human Library”. They go on sale on Wednesday the 6th of July at noon. Get your tickets here.

Menu in three servings:

  • 2 starters for sharing at the table: Asian steak tartare with crispy tapioca, porcini mayo and shiso herbs + smoked salmon with smoked cheese, lemon, radish and cucumber
  • Cockerel confit with summer veggies, pickled rhubarb and sauce velouté
  • Panna cotta with berry compote and oatmeal crunch

Loan terms from The Human Library:

  • The loan is personal and cannot be passed on to others before time.
  • The book expects you to ask the questions you want answered.
  • You cannot rip out pages or scribble in the book.
  • All books are volunteers and must be returned in the same state as you met them.
  • Remember to return your book on time.

You can read much more about The Human Library their mission and the specific books at

Festival food porn: Check out our dishes for Roskilde 2016

Festival food porn: Check out our dishes for Roskilde 2016

Last week we presented the team for our forthcoming culinary adventure at northern Europe’s largest music festival; a team made up of employees from all of Madklubben’s restaurants in Copenhagen. Now we’re also proud to show you exactly what they will be creating serving to the hungry festival goers.

Steak ’n’ Béarnaise Sandwich – DKK 65

At several of our restaurants the classic steak béarnaise is king. So naturally there was no doubt that the combination of tender beef and creamy béarnaise had to be turned into a festival favorite. Get ready for a toasted brioche bun filled with organic Danish beef, warm béarnaise, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and onion. The perfect dish for your hangovers!

Pearl barley risotto with summer veggies – DKK 35/55

Whether you live a full on vegetarian lifestyle or simply want to cut back on your meat consumption in order to help the environment our summer risotto will keep you asking for more. A creamy mixture of pearl barley, parmesan and Danish ”hay cheese” accompanied by broccoli, asparagus, carrots and radishes. Just a little bit hungry? Then go for half a portion for DKK 35. Otherwise go all in with a full portion for DKK 55.

Buttermilk ”koldskål” with an elderflower twist – DKK 30

In the Food Court area, where we are located, you are only allowed to make two different dishes plus a little side dish if you just can’t help it. And of course we can’t, so we made something to serve on those warm summer days, for breakfast or for dessert: A classic ”koldskål” made from chilled and organic buttermilk mixed with a note of blooming elderflowers. Don’t forget to top the delicious milk ”soup” with our homemade granola with freeze dried raspberries.

Hungry? The come meet us at Roskilde Festival 2016. Se where and when to find us here:

Where: Madklubben is located in the Food Court right by the Gloria stage and Art Zone.

When: Wednesday the 29th of June from 5 pm to 1 am, Thursday the 30th of June, Friday the 1st of July and Saturday the 2nd of July from 10 am to 4 am.

How: Pay with credit card, MobilePay or Swipp. No cash accepted.

Guide: Combine your dinner with a traditional Midsummer’s Eve bonfire

Guide: Combine your dinner with a traditional Midsummer’s Eve bonfire

Thursday the 23rd of June marks Midsummer’s Eve in Denmark and according to tradition people of all ages will flock to large bonfires and sing songs with their friends and family. Don’t miss out on this thoroughly Danish tradition: Check out our guide to where you can find a bonfire near every single one of Madklubben’s restaurants and bars.

City Centre:

Whether you’re going for classic dishes at Bistro Royal, modern cooking with French and Nordic roots at Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe or rustic Italian fare at Tony’s the most impressive bonfire will take place at historic Nyhavn. The fire is lit at 10 pm and will be floating on a pram in the middle of the harbour.

If you’re on the lookout for delicious steaks, then head to newly refurbished Madklubben Steak in Pilestræde or elegant Steak Royal by City Hall. After dinner take a 5-10 minute stroll to the lush Ørsted Park right by Nørreport Station. Here you will find another floating fire in the middle of the lake starting at 10 pm.

Steak Royal is also located close to renowned amusement park Tivoli Gardens in the beginning of the Vesterbro neighborhood. Here the bonfire will start at 9:30 pm but remember that you have to pay an entry fee to the park.


Sit down for dinner at our vast urban eatery Madklubben Vesterbro located in the heart of the vibrant city district. Being one of the densest urban environments in Copenhagen you have to walk a bit in order to find the open and inviting Enghaveparken. Here they have no less than two different fires on the programme: One for the kids starting at 6 pm and a big one for the grownups beginning at 9 pm.


Come visit one of our three restaurants right on the bank of the manmade lakes separating the city centre from the bustling and multi-ethnic district of Nørrebro. Alabama Social serves up American soul food, while Hanzō dishes the delights on the Pan Asian Kitchen and Gran Torino prepares and Italian feast for all budgets.

Once you’ve downed your dinner walk no further than to the waterfront where two different bonfires will take place: One at Kaffesalonen near Dronning Louises Bridge starting at 10 pm and another at Sølund Care Center and Fredensbro kicking off already at 8:45 pm.

If you get thirsty from all the smoke and flames our popular cocktail pusher in Nørrebro, Bar Next Door, will be open until midnight. We wish you and you loved ones a wonderful Midsummer’s Eve and look forward to welcoming you at one of Madklubben’s restaurants.