The Madklubben family’s largest restaurant, Madklubben Vesterbro, is buzzing with a positive atmosphere at the moment and it’s not hard to understand why. Our budget friendly eatery in the heart of Copenhagen’s vibrant district of Vesterbro has recently been handpicked for a new guide listing 11 top restaurants in Denmark.

The guide was created by the global travel media outlet The Culture Trip boasting 7 million readers each month as well as a social media following of 3 million people. In other words it’s a recognition, which makes our skilled team of chefs, waiters and bartenders beam with pride. As opposed to many other classic travel guides, at The Culture Trip they aren’t afraid to mix fine dining and more unpretentious restaurants resulting in a set of recommendations for the modern foodie who doesn’t care too much about stiff rules and labels but in stead enjoys eating across the the board of categories.

The Culture Trip writes in the guide:

”Delicious dishes, elegant interior design, and Copenhagen’s stylish crowd are the words that could describe Madklubben best. Located at Vesterbro, the chic restaurant is definitely a fit to the hip atmosphere of the area. ”

Tempted to visit the restaurant yourself? Explore the full menu on offer from Madklubben Vesterbro here and book your table quickly and easily online. The latter is always a good idea due to a fact also mentioned by The Culture Trip:

”The place is packed even during the week with locals and tourists.”