Welcome to Madklubben!

Since the very beginning of Madklubben in 2007, our dream has consistently been to serve excellent food at reasonable prices so that our guests can dine out on a regular, unpretentious Tuesday as well as on a festive Saturday night, because visits to our restaurants aren’t associated with significant financial challenges. Madklubben is Danish for “The Food Club” and we value both the culinary and social aspect of dining out equally. 

Madklubben offers excellent food and drinks at reasonable prices. Our restaurant concepts differ, meaning you always have a host of options to choose from. Madklubben is one big happy family of restaurants specialising in cuisine from Asia, France, Italy, and Denmark. You can find Madklubbens restaurants in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Esbjerg.

All the best,

Anders Aagaard + Madklubben & Co.