If you aren’t already familiar with Madklubben, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. Since the very beginning, our dream has consistently been to serve excellent food at reasonable prices so that our guests can dine out on a regular, unpretentious Tuesday as well as on a festive Saturday night, because visits to our restaurants aren’t associated with  significant financial challenges. Madklubben is Danish for “The Food Club” and we value both the culinary and social aspect of dining out equally. 

It all began in Store Kongensgade, where Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe opened its doors for the first time in May of 2007. If you like beautiful, classic dishes mixing the very best from the Nordic and French cuisines, this is the place to book your table.

Alternatively, you can visit us at Madklubben Grill Copenhagen, located in Pilestræde, if you prefer juicy steaks & bearnaise sauce, grilled fish, seafood and poultry, seasonal vegetables , crispy fries, onion rings – and great desserts.

If you love Italian, we recommend that you visit Tony’s Havnegade , our New York Italian little brother. He’s a mobster chef who loves everything good from the motherland: Pasta, vitello tonnato and tiramisu. He is also nuts about big juicy steaks, fried poultry, delicious seafood and – especially – his signature dish: spaghetti & meatballs. You will find Tony’s by the harbor front in Havnegade.

Alternatively, you can visit us at Bistro Royal, where we serve what we call ‘fabulous fast food’! This is the place to go, if you want something good, easy and affordable – fast! Try the breakfast on a weekday, explore one of the gorgeous lunch dishes or experience the elegant ambience of the restaurant at dinner time.

In april of 2016 Bistro Royal expanded their lovable universe at “The Rainbow Square” right by Copenhagen City Hall. Originally named Steak Royal, later Brasserie Royal and lastly the restaurant was re-branded as MAMMA’s in the spring of 2019. Here we have hand picked the best specialities from Italy and added our own know-how from our restaurants which surely can be tasted in the authentic dished.

Then, of course, there’s Madklubben Vesterbro. The restaurant that makes Copenhagen seem like a giant metropolis on an average week day night, because it’s always packed with happy guests. Here, Saturday night is a straight up party. The kitchen draws its inspiration from around the globe, and you can start or finish your dinner in the built-in cocktail bar. Yes, you read that right!

You’ll find Frankies Pizza on multiple locations in Denmark. With restaurants in both Copehagen and Aarhus, you have plenty of opportunities to choose from. Frankies Pizza are Madklubben’s pizza joints with room for everyone who loves brick oven pizza, a casual and cosy vibe, good music, ice cold beers and pitchers of cocktails.

Hanzō is Madklubben’s Asian brat who doesn’t care one bit about national borders, rules or traditions. He’ll happily mix and match inspirations from street kitchens and haute cuisine alike while exploring culinary destinations such as Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and beyond. Hanzō was originally located  at Sortedam Dossering in Nørrebro but relocated to a new address on Værnedamsvej between the city districts of Frederiksberg and Vesterbro in September 2017.

In the neighborhood of Nørrebro you will also find Alabama Social – our Southern Belle. Here, créole and cajun are at the heart of what we do, and the scrumptious food is characterized by an incredible amount of flavoir. It’s a mix between the American kitchen, we already know, with tender steaks and plenty of deep-fried delights, and the French Caribbean cuisine, which we are less familiar with in Denmark, where seafood, chili and the créole herb okra plays a major part.

After you’ve indulged in the food at our Nørrebro Restaurants why not continue at our first purebred cocktail bar? At Bar Next Door you can lean back and relax with classic drinks and contemporary creations surrounded by an interior mixing sleek, elegant materials with retrolicious elements such as vintage posters, old cabinets and chairs from the flea market. The perfect sport for downing a drink or three right by the lakes.

In spring of 2017 we opened the very first Madklubben in the district of Frederiksberg: A posh and quality minded little ”city within the city”. That’s why we’ve created an elegant and timeless decor in an abandoned and beautiful train station from the 19th century where we serve up scrumptious classics alongside as well as more modern fare. You’ll find Madklubben Frederiksberg right on top of the Frederiksberg Metro Station.

In the iconic ”PARK” building in the heart of Copenhagen’s stylish Østerbro city district you’ll find Madklubbens Event Space. Our event space is beautifully decorated with white wooden panels, porcelain GUBI lamps and royal blue carpets and here we can seat up to 130 guests. At the first floor you will find our additional event space: “The Gilded Hall”. With a capacity of up to 60 guests “The Gilded Hall” is an intimate alternative if you wish to arrange a smaller party.

Ascend the impressive staircase under the red ”Madklubben” neon sign at Østerbrogade and you’ll find Madklubben Østerbro – a big restaurant with small prices. Whether you’re seated in “The Ballroom” complete with our open kitchen and a view of the stadium’s running track, in the “Winter Garden” with glass walls or in the stately “Gold Hall”, you can look forward to an experience unlike any other in our Madklubben restaurant family. 

At Sortedam Dossering by the Copenhagen Lakes we present a brand new concept in the Madklubben family: FOOD CLUB. Here you can expect a buffet like you’ve never tried one before, packed with free range meats, organic vegetables and sustainable ingredients. At FOOD CLUB we care for great company of family, kids and friends, good conscience and serving delicious food and beverages for sympathetic prices.

In April 2018 we welcomed Bazaar in a former post office building in the heart of Copenhagen. Bazaar is our stylish and irresistible tribute to the Moorish kitchen, which you may also know as the Berber kitchen or Arabian kitchen. In other words, a stunning food culture stretching all the way from Syria in the East along the Mediterranean to the South of Spain and further down to Morocco in North Africa.

By May 2018 we’ll open our first restaurant in Jutland in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus. We’re moving in to the stunning “Aarhus Custom House” dating back to the 19th century. Here you can look forward to our grand Madklubben Aarhus inspired by the people, food and culture of Aarhus. We’ll be able to seat 200 to 250 guests indoors and an equal amount outdoors during the summer.

In Aarhus you also find Madklubben Grill Aarhus. Here the atmosphere is a mix of big city vibes from New York and Paris with a touch of Danish design. The inspiration for the restaurant has been found in Bistro Royal and Madklubben Grill in Copenhagen, but it is no copy of those places – far from it! One thing is the same, and one thing is for certain: We serve great food at reasonable prices here as well!

In addition, we guarantee that there’ll be more new and exciting openings in the future, and our guests will be the first to be updated on news, special deals and other goodies at Madklubben’s Blog. In need of some culinary inspiration? Then see what we’re up to over at the restaurants’ collective Instagram profile. We hope you like it!

All the best,

Anders Aagaard + Madklubben & Co.