Alabama Social turns into Roberta

Alabama Social becomes Roberta.  At Roberta, we will take you on a sunny and tasty trip to South and Central America. A social dining experience where you loosen your seatbelt, relax and dive into dishes like ceviche, antichuchos, tacos, a multitude of green dishes and the hottest, delicious Latin American cocktails.
At Roberta, you can pause your everyday grind, socialize with your friends and enjoy a meal that gives smiles on your lips and plenty of warmth in your body.


Sortedam Dossering 3
2200 Copenhagen N

Phone: 38 41 41 66

Opening hours

Tuesday – Thursday
17.30 – 00.00 (Kitchen closes 22.00)

Friday – Saturday
17.30 – 00.00 (Kitchen closes 22.30)

Sunday & Monday