Welcome to Alabama Social

Right by ”Queen Louise’s Bridge” in Nørrebro, on the bank of Copenhagen’s lakes, you’ll find Alabama Social: Our tribute to everything Cajun, Créole and Soul Food. The Southern kitchen is a melting pot of French, African and American influences and you can enjoy your meal in a restaurant decked out in quirky knick-knacks and flea market finds. 

3 courses DKK 325 


At Alabama Social we serve lots of socalled soul food, which is the hallmark of the southeastern part of the United States, in particular for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Here, créole and cajun are pivot, and the food is characterized by an incredible amount of juice. It is mix between the American kitchen, we already know, with tender steaks and plenty of deep-fried delights, and the French Caribbean cuisine, which we are less familiar with in Denmark, where seafood, chili and the Creole herb okra plays a major part.

The soundtrack to a dinner at Alabama Social underlines our sense of belonging to the southern states, particularly the New Orleans part of the area, with lots of delicious soul, jazz and blues. At Alabama Social you’ll find excellent food and drink at an unusually affordable price without compromising on quality.


Alabama Social
Sortedam Dossering 3
2200 Copenhagen N
Phone: 38 41 41 66
Mail: alabamasocial@madklubben.dk

Opening hours

Tuesday – Thursday
17.30 – 00.00 (Kitchen closes 22.00)

Friday – Saturday
17.30 – 00.00 (Kitchen closes 22.30)

Sunday & Monday

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