Lunch menu for Bistro Royal
Winter 2019
Salad & Fish

Caesar Salad DKK 125
Romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, crispy croutons, loads of parmesan and roasted chicken

Avocado Salad DKK 125
Crispy romaine lettuce and baby spinach with avocado, cashews, prawn crackers, 
spring onions and a sesame/ginger vinaigrette
Add yellowfin-tuna or roasted chicken + DKK 25 

Duck Confit Salad DKK 125
Baby gem lettuce tossed in an apple vinaigrette, served with warm confit de canard, 
large white raisins, crudité og red cabbage and toasted nuts


Filet of Plaice DKK 125
Breaded fillet of plaice with lettuce, dill, sauce remoulade and rye bread

Egg and Shrimps DKK 125
Hand peeled shrimps, served with tarragon mayo, soft boiled egg, lettuce, dill, lemon and rye bread

Roastbeef DKK 125
Thin slices of roastbeef served on rye bread with crisp heart salad, sauce remoulade, 
fried onions and freshly ground horseradish

Avocado Smash DKK 125
Avocado stirred with lemon and chili. Served with romaine, cilantro, soft boiled egg and rye bread.
Add hand peeled shrimp + DKK 25

Bistro Classics

Biksemad Royal DKK 150
A danish homestyle classic: new potatoes, beef tenderloin chunks, caramelised onions, 
crispy onions, pickled red onions, an egg sunny side up and sauce béarnaise

Cheeseburger DKK 125
Grilled dry aged beef patty, red onion, pickles, Gruyére cheese and burger dressing in warm brioche
bun. Served with crispy golden French fries

Steak Tartare DKK 125
Freshly chopped raw beef mixed with mustard, egg yolk, tomato, parsley and tarragon. 
Served with pickled red onion, blue chips, tarragon mayo and crispy golden French fries

Tartelet Royal DKK 125
Croustade with chicken in velouté with white asparagus, celery, crispy 
Jerusalem artichoke and chives

Pork Roast Sandwich DKK 125
Pan seared free range pork, crunchy pork rinds, dijonaise, red cabbage, gherkins and apple in a
brioche bun. Served with warm, crispy French fries and sauce remoulade

Side orders

Onion rings – with chili mayo DKK 30

French fries with sea salt DKK 35

French fries with black truffle DKK 45

Fries Parmegiano – French fries with with parmesan cheese DKK 40

Egg sunny side up with chives DKK 25

Green salad with vinaigrette DKK 25

Sauce béarnaise with tarragon DKK 35


Coupe Royal 65 kr.
Caramel ice cream with salted caramel, nuts and crushed Oreos

Allergies? Please ask our waiter so we can guide you safely through the menu

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