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For groups of 10 guests or more. Available from January 14th - March 23rd


For groups of 10 guests or more. Available from March 24th - June 22nd
Send us an email:, or give us a call + 45 38 41 41 64
Minor changes in menu and price may occur
Evening menu – Bistro Royal

Steak Tartare DKK 75
Classic tartare of freshly chopped raw beef with mustard, egg yolk, onion, tomato, parsley and tarragon. Served with truffle mayo and crispy violet potatoes

Jerusalem artichoke bisque (V) DKK 85
Creamy Jerusalem artichoke bisque served with apples, toasted almonds and crispy Jerusalem artichoke
Roasted lobster can be added for + DKK 50

Yellowfin Tuna DKK 95
Yellowfin tuna served with avocado, sesame dressing, toasted sesame and cilantro

Lumpfish Roe | DKK 125 
Lumpfish roe served on a dill waffle with creme double and cress. 

Main Course

Boeuf DKK 250
Grilled beef cuvette (grilled medium-rare) – carved by you.
Served with red wine sauce, warm crispy fries and a green salad

Steak au Frites DKK 300
300g of pan-fried ribeye from South American beef cattle.
Served with sauce bearnaise, warm crispy fries and a green salad

Steak Tartare DKK 200
Classic tartare of freshly chopped raw beef with mustard, egg yolk, onion, tomato, parsley, tarragon, truffle mayo, shallots and crispy Jerusalem artichoke. Served with crispy golden fries and a green salad

Bistro Royal Burger DKK 150
Dry aged minced beef steak with Gruyère, burger dressing, red onion, tomato and pickled cucumbers in roasted brioche bun with crispy golden fries and aioli

Lobster à l’Americaine DKK 350
Roasted and flamed lobster served with tomato, garlic, lobster sauce and grilled cabbage

Butter fried Cod DKK 225
Fried winter cod served with roasted onions, grilled winter cabbage and sauce nâge

Thai Red Curry (V) DKK 150

Coconut milk and red curry with broccoli, bell peber, onion, baby corn and pak choi. 
Served with quinoa, cilantro and peanuts 

Side orders

Grilled pak choi with oyster sauce | 40 kr.

Fried broccoli with soy and sesame | DKK 40

Green salad with vinaigrette | DKK 30

Onion rings with chili mayo | DKK 35

French fries with sea salt | DKK 35

French fries with truffle butter | DKK 45

French fries with herbs | DKK 40

Truffle pommes purée | DKK 45

Freshly grated black truffle | DKK 75

Sauce bearnaise | DKK 35

Red wine sauce | DKK 35

Sauce nâge | DKK 35


Chocolate mousse DKK 65
Airy and creamy chocolate mousse served with whipped cream and orange crunch

Apple pie DKK 65
Apples, praline cream, toasted almonds and whipped cream fraiche

Coupe Royal DKK 65
Caramel ice cream with salted caramel, nuts and crushed Oreos

Coconut Sorbet (V) DKK 65
Served with roasted coconut flakes, coconut meringue, baked pineapple and cocoa nibs

Kids Menu

Available for children up until and including 11 years of age


Main course | 125 DKK

Main course & dessert | 150 DKK




Grillet beef patty and ketchup in a warm brioche bun
– served with golden, crispy fries

Sliced beef cuvette roast
–  served béarnaise and golden, crispy fries

Breaded fillet of plaice with sauce remoulade and golden, crispy fries



With caramel and Oreos

Allergies? Please ask our waiter so we can guide you through the menu.

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