Group menu for Madklubben Esbjerg
Autumn 2019
Our Concept

1 course from DKK 125
2 courses from 200
3 courses from 225

The menu includes filtered water during the entire dinner.
Please be aware of additional charges on some courses.


Beef Tartare
With cognac, dijon, parsley, egg yolk, tarragon chips and Carl-Johan mayonnaise

Mushroom Soup (V)
Creamy mushroom soup with pickled brown beech, croutons and parsley
Add butter poached hake can be added for + DKK 25

Fish Taco + DKK 25
Taco with panko-fried cod, lime, avocado, cilantro and mojo

Smoked Salmon
Cold smoked Norwegian salmon with fennel, smoked cream cheese, dill and chervil oil

Japanese Tuna + DKK 50
Raw Yellowfin tuna stirred with soy, ginger, avocado crème, lime and roasted sesame 

Main Courses

Cauliflower from Marrakech (V)
Josper-grilled cauliflower with mint-yogurt, mild curry and dukkah
Add brown crab + DKK 50 

Poached Hake
Butter poached hake served with chanterelles mixed with shallots and parsley,
parsley puree, salted almond and sauce nâge

Roasted European Plaice + DKK 50
Roasted European plaice with potatoes with parsley, browned butter with capers and lemon
Served with spring cabbage with fresh herbs

 Rib Eye + DKK 150
300g pan-fried rib eye with crispy French fries, thyme roasted portobello
mushrooms and béarnaise

Madklubben’s Chicken Burger
Crispy chicken served in a brioche bun with chipotle-mayonnaise, shallots, grilled
tomato, baby romaine and crispy French fries

Lamb Culotte
Served with ratatouille, small new potatoes, rosemary-sauce and crispy
Jerusalem artichoke chips

Side orders

Crispy French fries DKK 30 

Crispy French fries with truffle DKK 45

Onion rings DKK 30 

Green salads with vinaigrette DKK 30 

Potatoes with butter and herbs DKK 30 

Cabbage with roasted almonds DKK 30 


Caramel sundae
Caramel ice cream with caramel crumble, caramel and hazelnuts

Lemon Mousse
Served with licorice meringue and coulis of passion fruit

Forest Berry Cheese Cake
Cheese cake with baked forest berries, vanilla and caramel



Breaded Pork Patties 
Pan-fried pork patties served with stewed spring cabbage and mustard


Beef frikassé
Diced beef in a creamy sauce with leeks, carrots, parsley and potatoes


Fried pork
Crispy fried pork served with new potatoes and parsley sauce


Wiener schnitzel
Breaded pork served with braised potatoes, peas, sauce au jus, horseradish, capers and anchovies


Boeuf Sauté Stroganoff
Beef in creamy demi-glace with sour cream, tomato, onion, parsley and mashed potatoes


Danish Beef
Grilled beef with soft onions, new potatoes, pickled cucumber, a fried egg and sauce au jus

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