Group menu for Madklubben Esbjerg
Christmas 2019

For groups of 10 guests or more. Valid from October 29 – January 6.

Choose our popular menu package for the entire group or compose your own menu from the list further down.

For groups of 16+ persons you must choose the same menu for all the guests

Naturally, we are flexible regarding guests with allergies or other dietary concerns

The final menu choice must be made at least 7 days before arrival. Trying to book on short notice? Contact us.

Menu package

The menu must be chosen by the whole table
Still/sparkling water is included

ESBJERG GREATEST | 350 per person

Smoked Salmon
Norwegian cold smoked salmon with fennel, beetroot glaze, dill and lemon oil

Steak Béarnaise
Approx. 300g pan fried rib eye steak served with crispy fries, caramelized celery, and béarnaise

Daim Sundae
Caramel ice cream with crushed daim, chocolate and salted caramel

+ Coffee

Our Concept

1 course from DKK 125
2 courses from 200
3 courses from 225

The menu includes filtered water during the entire dinner.
Please be aware of additional charges on some courses.


Beef Tartare
With cognac, dijon, parsley, egg yolk, chanterelle chips and tarragon mayonnaise

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup (V)
Creamy soup of Jerusalem artichoke with glazed leeks, baked Jerusalem artichokes and dill
Add poached cod + DKK 25

Crispy Duck
Crispy spring roll with confit duck, apples, mustard cream and salted celery

Smoked Salmon
Norwegian cold smoked salmon with fennel, beet root glaze, dill and lemon oil

Japanese tuna + DKK 50
Raw Yellowfin tuna with soy, ginger, avocado cream, lime and sesame

Main Courses

Duck Confit
Crisp leg of duck on potato purée, butter toasted chestnuts, Brussel sprouts and thyme gravy

Poached Cod
Poached cod served on cauliflower cream with leek crudité, chervel, salted almonds and tarragon oil

Halibut + DKK 50
Grilled halibut with winter cabbage, lobster foam, crispy kale and potato cream

Steak Béarnaise + DKK 150
300g pan-fried rib eye with crispy French fries, caramelised celery and béarnaise

Madklubben’s Cheeseburger
Danish dry aged beef in a brioche bun with chanterelle mayo, grilled tomato compote,
pickled onion, lettuce and crispy French fries
Also served vegetarian with crispy portobello mushroom

Pork belly
Braised pork belly with pickled red cabbage, crispy pork cracklings and red wine sauce

Side orders

Crispy French fries | DKK 30

Crispy French fries with truffle | DKK 45

Onion rings | DKK 30

Parmesan fried porto bello | DKK 30

Potatoes with butter and herbs | DKK 30

Winter cabbage with almonds and dill | DKK 30

Potato purée with gremolata | DKK 30



Pan-fried pork patties served with stewed spring cabbage and mustard


Ragout of Veal
Veal in a creamy sauce with leeks, carrots, parsley and potatoes


Fried pork 
Crispy thick cut bacon served with potatoes and creamy parsley sauce


Wiener schnitzel
Battered and butter fried veal served with roasted potatoes, peas, lemon and horseradish


Boeuf Sauté Stroganoff
Tenderloin in a creamy demi-glace with sour cream, tomato, onion, parsley and mashed potatoes


Danish Beef
Fried beef patty with caramelized onions, new potatoes, pickled cucumber and fried egg 


Daim Sundae
Caramel ice cream with crushed Daim, milk chocolate and salted caramel

Vanilla Mousse
Served with cherry sauce, pickled cherries crispy almonds and puffed rice

Pancakes a la crèpe suzette + DKK 25
Pancakes with orange sauce, chocolate flakes, almond croquant and vanilla ice cream

Food allergies? Please contact your waiter so we can guide you safely through our menu.

Credit card fee: Commercial cards issued within or outside of EU/EEA and private cards issued outside EU/EEA will be charged a fee. All transactions on American Express cards are surcharged.

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