Lunch menu Madklubben Grill Aarhus
Cold Dishes

Caesar salad DKK 75 
Crisp salad, bacon, tomatoesbutter toasted sourdough breadcreamy caesar dressing and parmesan cheese 
Add grilledjuicy cockerel +35 DKK 

Shrimps on toast DKK 100 
Toasted bread with shrimpslemon mayo, asparagus, radishescherry tomatoes, fennel and freshly ground pepper  

Italian burrata DKK 75 
Creamy Italian burrata, pistachiopickled red onionradishesolive oil, watercress and freshly baked bread 
Add Skagen ham +35 DKK 

Avocado DKK 75 
Grilled flat bread with browned butter, avocado, parsleytomatoesfresh grape, olive oil and fresh herbs 
Top it with smoked salmon +35 DKK 

Beef tartare with fries DKK 125 
Minced beef with tarragon, mustard, beets, crispy rye bread crumble, truffle mayo and fresh horse radish + fries

Madklubben grill classics

Croque monsieur DKK 125 
Grilled toast, truffle bechamel, dry-cured ham from Skagen, gruyere cheese and marinaded salads with mustard 
Do you love truffle? 
Additional fresh, summer truffle +50 DKK 

Fish’n’chips DKK 150 
Fresh cod from Hanstholm fried in beer batter. Served with golden fries, grilled 
lemon and our very own tatar sauce 

Cheeseburger with fries DKK 125 
Danish dry aged beef patty, double cheddar, onionssaladtomato and Grill’s burger dressing in a soft brioche bun + fries   

Madklubben Grill’s “biksemad” DKK 150 
Roasted new potatoes with beef cuvette, soft onionspickled red onionpaprika,fried eggbéarnaise sauce and watercress 

Ribeye DKK 200
200 g, South American ribeye + golden fries and creamy bearnaise – absolutely classic, just right!

Side orders

Golden fries with sea salt | 35 DKK  

Fried onion rings with vinegar and piment espelette | 35 DKK 

Grilled padrons with lemon oil and fresh oil | 35 DKK 

Green beans with bacon, oilfresh tarragon and vinaigrette | 35 DKK 

Crispy salad with yellow beetsdried figs and salted almonds | 35 DKK

Dips & Sauce

Ketchup | 10 DKK 

Aioli | 10 DKK 

Truffle mayo | 15 DKK
Mayo | 10 DKK 

Bearnaise | 25 DKK 


Banana split sundae DKK 45  
Vanilla ice creamfresh bananascreamcrunch and chocolate sauce  

Chocolate mousse DKK 45 
Black currant sorbet, cocoa and black currant compote 

Apple pie DKK 45 
Apple sorbet, creme fraiche and caramel 

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