Group menu Madklubben Grill Copenhagen - Spring 2020

For groups of 10 guests or more. Valid from March 17 – June 15 2020.

Choose our popular menu package for the entire group or compose your own menu from the list further down.

For groups of 16+ persons you must choose the same menu for all the guests

Naturally, we are flexible regarding guests with allergies or other dietary concerns

The final menu choice must be made at least 7 days before arrival. Trying to book on short notice? Contact us.

Menu packages

The menu must be chosen by all guests at the table
Naturally we are flexible regarding allergies and dietary restrictions

Still / sparkling water is included in the price.

FAVORITE 1 – DKK 325 per person 

Veal tartare | Striploin | Caramel sundae

FAVORITE 2 – DKK 400 per person 

Grilled broccoli | Rib eye | Lemon pie

FAVORITE 3 – DKK 500 per person

1/2 Lobster | Tenderloin | Klostertaler | Rhubarb

Some wine with that?

Our wine menus kan be added to our menu packages as well as a menu you compose yourself.
A wine menus should be chosen by the entire group and be the same.

DKK 185. 1 glass of white wine, 1 glass of red wine and 1 cup of coffee or tea

DKK 300. 1 glass of white wine, 2 glasses of red wine and 1 cup of coffee or tea

DKK 400. Apéritif, 1 glass of white wine, 2 glasses of red wine, 1 glass of sweet wine and 1 cup of coffee or tea

Compose a menu yourselves

Our concept:

3 courses  |  from DKK 325
1 starter  |  1 main course  |  1 dessert
please note, that some dishes require an additional charge

The price includes filtered still and sparkling water


Creamy parsley soup
Chicken croquette, parsley, cream double
With fried scallop? + DKK 25

Veal tartare
Puffed potato with wild garlic, grilled bell peppers, pickled tomatoes and tomato mayonnaise

Grilled broccoli (V)
Nettle foam, broccoli crudité, roasted macadamia nuts and bronze fennel (vegan)

Lumpfish roe + DKK 50
Dill oil, shallots, salted cucumber, creamy potato and watercress

1/2 lobster + DKK 100
Gnocchi, grilled red onion, radicchio, lobster foam and browned butter vinaigrette

Main Courses

All our steaks are glazed with italian “lardo” pork fat, browned butter & garlic.
Our steaks are cooked medium. If you want your steak cooked differently please let us know upon arrival.
Our main courses a served with either a side and a sauce OR fries, salad, béarnaise and creamy peber sauce.

250g, corn fed, South America

Rib eye + DKK 75
300g, grass fed, South America

Tenderloin + DKK 75
250g, grass fed, Denmark

Veal brisket
300g, braised and brushed with veal glaze and topped with crunchy herbs

200g, danish beef in a brioche bun with steak sauce, tomato mayonnaise, cheddar and spicy bell pepper relish

Grilled polenta (V)
Romesco, fried sage and baked tomatoes with basil (vegan)

150g, grilled with fried capers


Fried scallop – DKK 25
1/2 lobster – DKK 100
Pan fried marrow – DKK 25
Grilled foie gras – DKK 50
Lumpfish roe – DKK 50

Side orders

Fries with herb-salt
Fries with parmesan + DKK 15
Truffle fries + DKK 15
Sweet potato fries
BBQ onion rings
Crushed potatos with wild garlic and lemon
Broccoli with bacon and wild garlic
Gnocchi with butter, garlic and herbs
Grilled tomatoes, olive oil and grated parmesan + DKK 10
Green salad with apple vinaigrette

Extra side orders + DKK 35


For the meat:
Creamy pepper sauce – served hot
Béarnaise – served warm
Red wine sauce with fried garlic and thyme – served hot
Green chilli mayo
Browned butter vinaigrette

For the fish:
Sauge nage – served warm
Browned butter vinaigrette
Tomato mayo (vegan)

Extra sauce + DKK 25

Desserts & Cheese

Caramel sundae
Salted caramel, caramel ice cream, hazelnuts and caramel crumble

Lemon pie
Roasted raspberry meringue and white chocolate flakes

Spring rhubarb + DKK 25
Baked rhubarb, nuts crumble, milk chocolate, buttermilk foam and vanilla ice cream

Sorbet of the day with crunchy nuts (vegan)

Served with crispy bread and sweets

Got any allergies? Ask your waiter so he or she can guide you safely though the menu.

Credit card fee: Commercial cards issued within or outside of EU/EEA and private cards issued outside EU/EEA will be charged a fee. All transactions on American Express cards are surcharged.