Group menu Madklubben Østerbro
Spring 2020

For groups of 10 guests or more. Valid from March 17 – June 15

Compose your own menu from the menu below.

For groups of 16+ persons you must choose the same menu for all the guests

Naturally, we are flexible regarding guests with allergies or other dietary concerns

The final menu choice must be made at least 7 days before arrival. Trying to book on short notice? Contact us

Compose your own menu

Our concept

1 course from DKK 125
2 courses from DKK 200
3 courses from DKK 225
Please note, that some dishes require an additional charge.

The price includes still/sparkling water


Lobster dog + DKK 25
Lobster in warm brioche with radishes, lightly salted cucumber, caramelized
lemon and lobster mayo

Clam chowder
Creamy clam soup with mussels, potatoes, pepper bacon and fresh parsley

Lumpfish roe + DKK 25
Herb waffle with whipped crème fraiche, pickled pearl onions and dill

Steak tartare
Beef tartare with wild garlic mayo, silver beets, crispy kernels and water cress

Fresh rolls (V)
Fresh spring rolls with finely chopped cucumber, carrots, spring onions, glass noodles, cilantro, chili, mango, lime juice and peanut sauce (vegan)

Main Course

Fried fillet of veal
Veal fillet fried with thyme, confit carrots and sauce bordelaise with smoked marrow

Moules marinières
White wine steamed mussels with carrots, garlic, leeks and lots of parsley

Fried broccoli (V)
Broccoli with sautéed spinach, garlic, pickled walnuts and “Vesterhav” cheese (vegetarian)

Baked cod + DKK 75
Cod with fried spring onions, radishes, crispy cod skin and beurre blanc with wild garlic

300g steak au frites + DKK 150
Fried ribeye with fried broccoli shoots, fries, confit garlic and bearnaise

Dish of the day

Crispy pork
With potatoes and parsley sauce


Two tartlets with chickens, carrots, peas, celery and parsley

Chicken Danois
With rhubarb compote and cucumber salad

Wienerschnitzel + DKK 25
With browned butter, ‘boy’, peas, fried potatoes and lots of horseradish

Side order

DKK 35 a piece

Crispy fries with aïoli
Green salad with coarse mustard vinaigrette
Steamed spring cabbage with shallots and tarragon
Flatbread with garlic and sumac
Small potatoes in lovage butter


Peanut sundae
Hazelnut ice cream, salted peanuts, caramel and chocolate sauce

Rhubarb pie
With almond crumble and elderflower sorbet

Panna cotta
With sea buckthorn jelly and white chocolate meringue

Some wine with that?

The wine menu should be chosen by the entire group.

“Keep it flowing” | DKK 175 (Sunday – Thursday)
All you can drink in bubbles, white wine and red wine for 2 hours
incl. beer + DKK 50
OBS: Only for groups of minimum 10 persons

“Keep it flowing” | DKK 225 (Friday & Saturday)
All you can drink in bubbles, white wine and red wine for 2 hours
incl. beer + DKK 50
OBS: Only for groups of minimum 10 persons

Got any allergies? Ask your waiter so he or she can guide you safely though the menu.

Credit card fee: Commercial cards issued within or outside of EU/EEA and private cards issued outside EU/EEA will be charged a fee. All transactions on American Express cards are surcharged.