Welcome to FOOD CLUB

Enjoy our buffet, brimming with delicious food and refreshing beverages at a set, low price.



FOOD CLUB´s buffet offers a selection of delicious dishes with the focus on fresh vegetables, free range meat, sustainability and organic produce.

Our two restaurants are centrally located in Aarhus and Copenhagen respectively, and we look forward to inviting you to share an evening filled with tasty dishes made from sustainable ingredients in cosy surroundings.


Experience a buffet that´s designed for those who appreciate quality

At the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen, you´ll find a buffet where quality is the main ingredient!

By choosing only the best raw ingredients, we guarantee that the FOOD CLUB´s buffet in Copenhagen will be one you just can´t get enough of.


We guarantee you a buffet experience that´s out of the ordinary

Our buffet in Aarhus is definitely an experience that is out of the ordinary.

At the FOOD CLUB in Aarhus, our ambition is to revolutionize the buffet experience. We aim to show the people of Aarhus that a buffet can certainly offer everything you need to enjoy a delicious, fresh and tasty dinner you can relax over in our cosy surroundings.

Take away

Enjoy our delicious FOOD CLUB buffet at home!

You can have the FOOD CLUB’s delicious buffet selection delivered right to your door!

FOOD CLUB offers vegetarian, vegan, fish dishes or meat dishes – just like when you visit the FOOD CLUB´s actual restaurants.


Reserve a table here, and ensure that your party enjoys a culinary experience out of the ordinary at the FOOD CLUB.
We look forward to welcoming you!


at Food Club

We will do everything possible to make your visit as good as possible. Our chefs make sure that there is a lot of delicious food and then our servants makes sure that the most delicious drinks are available in our bars. If you have any questions about do not hesitate to ask us. We are here only to help you.

To make your visit as good as possible we a couple of things we hope you will help us with during your visit at Food Club:
Sanitize your hands before you go to the buffet. And after.
Keep a good distance to each other. Also when standing in line. Then the experience at the buffet will be a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.
Only use your plate once. If you want a new plate, simply ask for a new one at the buffet. Then we will bring it to you.