FOOD CLUB Restaurant Copenhagen

When we started our restaurant, the FOOD CLUB, in Copenhagen, our aim was to rethink the traditional buffet. Our buffet offers dishes in which the focus is on ecology, sustainability, vegetables and free range meat. Drop by our restaurant in Copenhagen and taste the difference for yourself.
Monday – thursday
5:00pm – 00:00am
(latest arrival: 9:00pm)

Friday – saturday
5:00pm – 00:00am
(latest arrival: 9:30pm)

Sunday: 4:00pm – 10:00pm
(latest arrival: 7:30pm)
Sortedam Dossering 7 C 
2200 København N 
Tel: 38 42 42 64
CVR.: 40 38 90 91

Our restaurant in Copenhagen

At our restaurant in Copenhagen, we want to show you that a buffet doesn´t have to be predictable – it can certainly be a great dining experience that offers organic, tasty food that you can enjoy in our cosy surroundings. At the FOOD CLUB, it´s quality, not quantity that counts when our talented chefs in Copenhagen create our daily seasonal buffet table anno 2019.

At the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen, we´re a huge fan of vegetables

We just adore vegetables at the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen. We believe that vegetables deserve all the love and respect a restaurant can give them. Therefore, at our restaurant in Copenhagen, every day you´ll find a rich array of green produce on the buffet, carefully selected from the season´s vegetables by our chef.

We fight food wastage at the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen

At the FOOD CLUB, we work to minimize food wastage as much as possible. That´s why every day from 21:00 onwards, you can fill up a box from our buffet, from Too Good To Go, for only 49 DKK. If any food is still left over at the end of the evening, we have a deal with The Salvation Army´s local hostel in Copenhagen, who is only too happy to give their guests any food that is leftover.

A child-friendly restaurant in Copenhagen

We love families with young children. That´s why we think they deserve a restaurant that provides a quiet oasis and place where they can relax and enjoy spending time with each other without becoming stressed out in the kitchen, worrying about whether the children will like the dish you´ve prepared for them today or not. At the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen, children under 6 eat for free, and children under 12 eat for just 100 DKK.  And hey, did we mention that there´s soft ice from Hansen´s Is for dessert …ad libitum? And naturally that goes for the adults, too.

A restaurant where the prices are reasonable

At the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen, we´re ready to welcome you with open arms when you pay us a visit. We can provide the perfect setting for a great evening, whatever the occasion. There are no unpleasant surprises when the time comes to settle the bill, as you already know what it costs. It costs 275 DKK to visit our restaurant in Copenhagen from Monday to Thursday and 325 DKK on Fridays and Saturdays, for 1.5 hrs with all the food and drink you can consume. That includes wine, beer, lemonade and soft drinks. If you just can´t tear yourself away, carry on enjoying yourself for just an extra 50 DKK per person per extra half hour. 


At the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen, we love food and all those special things that happen when people get together over a great meal. We believe that some of the strongest bonds are created when people enjoy a meal together. At the FOOD CLUB in Copenhagen, we´ve arranged it so that everyone eats at the same table. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, meat-lover or pescetarian, a flexitarian or anything else, the FOOD CLUB will be ready with delicious food and drinks for everyone. All you have to do is concentrate on having a blast of an evening with those you love in Copenhagen.