You don’t have to leave the country to get a dosis of the water and sunnier parts of the world. Bazaar is located at Dronningens Tværgade 21 in the central part of Copenhagen, but the location is the only Northern aspect of Bazaar.

We are ready to serve you delicious and spicy food from places such as Morocco, Spain and the Arabic speaking countries. On the plate that means anything from spicy sausages and fresh vegan and vegetarian dishes to our own special kebab kits. Beef or chicken – or falafel if you wish.

Feel free to taste a lot of different dishes – and please share them. It’s all about socialising at the table – over the food.

Getting thirsty in the heat? No problem. We have non alcoholic cocktails, spicy cocktails, interesting beers and flavorful wines.

The evening doesn’t end after dinner at Bazaar. We’re open late – and it’s far from rare, that dinner turns into a cocktail party. Stop by and you’ll see why…

More info, table booking and menus are to be found here.

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