Job at Madklubben

We always need more coworkers!

We always need more coworkers! Don’t hesitate to contact us – it could well be you we’re looking for right now. If so, we will invite you to an interview. Simply send your application via the red markers on the map. 

Remember to choose which restaurant you would like to work at. Please be aware that we will keep your application on file for up to 6 months, at which point it will be deleted. You can always delete your application yourself. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept applications via email.

At Madklubben there is room for everybody. We appreciate humor, good mood and unique talent. We will rather hear about who you are, than your fancy title. We are a big club with room for differentiation in our around 20 different restaurants. 

We offer a young, fresh and funny environment and on top a flexible working schedule, employee benefits and a social community, where coworkers are not just coworkers.