New Year with Madklubben
is something quite

New year with Madklubben is something absolutely

NEW YEAR at home with Madklubben

At Madklubben we have no doubt.

New Year is the coolest celebration of the year.

And with ‘Madklubben At Home’, we make your New Year’s party even more delicious and much less stressful.

We have knitted two different new Year menus together (prices from DD 300), so you can spend the last hours in 2019 on lighting table bombs, telling bad jokes and entertaining your guests instead of stressing around your own kitchen.

Order your New Year’s menu here and pick it up in one of our restaurants

Pick-up at Frankies Frederiksberg, Frankies Østerbro and in Søborg

NEW YEAR at Madklubben

Our chefs and waiters at Madklubbens restaurants are very excited for New Year’s Eve.

It’s a very special day for you to get a little extra out of it, so you get a great, tasty, beautiful and festive New Year’s Eve along with the ones you love.

Now it’s just up to you to find out which restaurant you want to visit


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