We are currently working on building both our restaurant and web page in Aarhus. Very soon we will be open for reservations, but as a little teaser you can already now discover the menu which you will find in the restaurant when we open Madklubben Aarhus Tuesday the May 15th.

You can look forward to a plentitude of Madklubben’s favorite dishes inspired from the Danish and French kitchen. Swing by for a single course with a beer on the side or compose your very own 3 course dinner for a little as DKK 225. Like at all other Madklubben restaurants there’s room for the epicurean who wants to upgrade with tenderloin, truffles and other delicacies for a few extra “kroner” as well as the student arriving with a tight budget but expecting a tasty bang for the buck.

Se the full menu for Madklubben Aarhus by clicking here!

Several of the ideas our guest from Aarhus wrote on the walls at our pop up at the Aarhus Festival in 2016 has also made their way to our menu. Here we have room for both a Danish luxury “tartelet”, burger, crispy fries, tartare, chili mayo, risotto (made with pearl barley though) and plenty of béarnaise. In the drinking department there is – as required – budget friendly, high quality cocktails and even an “Aarhus set” made from an ice cold “Ceres Top” beer with an “Arnbitter” on the side.

We have also just launched the full wine list, our cocktails selection as well as our group menus and online reservation. Follow along right here and at our Facebook page. We are looking forward to welcome you at Madklubben Aarhus!