Terms and conditions for Madklubben
    1. Here you can read the terms and conditions that apply, when you purchase items through ‘Madklubben’.
      By accepting a purchase from Madklubben, you agree that these Terms of trade are applicable in the relationship between you and the ‘ Food Club ‘. We encourage you to read these Terms and conditions before purchasing an item with us ‘Madklubben’ is run by Madklubben ApS, CVR: 37284599. Østergade 22, 3, København K

      You must be at least 18 years old to do any purchase including alcohol. This also applies to tickets for events with beverages / wine menus described in the purchase agreement. When ordering / purchasing any of these you confirm that you are 18 years or older.


      The price of your purchase is the price you find at madklubben.dk at the time you complete the purchase.

      All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) including VAT.


      ‘Madklubben’ receives payment with following payment cards:

      • Dankort
      • Visa Dankort
      • eDankort
      • MasterCard
      • MasterCard-Debit
      • Visa
      • Visa-Electron
      • American Express

      If your credit card was issued outside of the EU/EAA your credit card companies handling fee will be added to the final bill. American Express will always be charged a handling fee.

      A transaction fee of DKK1,39 is paid per transaction, regardless of card type. This fee will also appear in the summary of your purchase.

      Your credit card details will be encrypted and sent directly to the bank by a secure connection.

      Payment will be deducted immediately after the product or service has been purchased.

      Delivery and delivery costs

      If tickets are purchased at ‘Madklubben’, it will be delivered electronically as an PDF file to your e-mail. You must print the tickets yourself and bring them to the purchased event.


      The general terms and conditions of the Danish purchase law apply to all purchases from ‘Madklubben’. This means, among other things, that you have 2 years’ right of warranty on purchases from ‘Madklubben’. Please notice the ‘please notice’ section below.

      The 2-year period runs from the purchase delivery. Contact ‘Madklubben’ at madklubben@madklubben.dk quickly if you find any defects or discrepancies regarding your purchase delivery. The complaint will be processed if you complain within two months after the lack or error has been discovered.

      In corporation with our customer service, we’ll agree on delivery of the correct purchase, a possible refund and reimbursement of your shipping costs.

      Please notice that the determinations of the Danish purchase law don’t apply when purchasing tickets from ‘Madklubben’ as it is a service. Therefore, please contact us immediately if you experience any problems when purchasing tickets.

      Right of cancellation

      When you do a purchase at ‘Madklubben’ you have as a consumer 14 days’ right of cancellation. If you wish to use this right of cancellation in connection with a purchase, you must clearly inform Madklubben ApS within 14 days after receiving the purchase.

      Please notice that the 14 days’ right of cancellation doesn’t apply to the following purchases at ‘Madklubben’:

      • Delivery of purchases which are expected to be deteriorated or obsoleted quickly, such as fresh foods or refrigerated goods.
      • Delivery of sealed purchases which, for reasons of health or hygiene, are not suitable for return, and where the seal has been broken after delivery.
      • Purchase of tickets for the following services:
        • Catering, e.g. restaurant visits and delivery of food/catering from Madklubben restaurants.
        • Passenger transport, e.g. travel by bus, train, taxi etc. to or from Madklubben restaurants.
        • Accommodation, e.g. stay at hotels, hostels etc. when visiting Madklubben restaurants.
        • Leisure facilities, e.g. concerts, theater shows or movie shows at Madklubben restaurants.
      Limitation of responsibility and proviso

      Madklubben is not responsible for any delays by external partners.

      ‘Madklubben’ can’t guarantee, that www.madklubben.dk at all times is fully functional and error free, and ‘Madklubben’ can’t be held responsible for any consequences of using www.madklubben.dk, such as internet connection issues and use of outdated PCs and programs.

      ‘Madklubben’ adds proviso for being sold out, and therefor can’t be responsible for missing delivery of purchases or services, if the missing delivery is due to sold out goods or services.

      ‘Madklubben’ adds proviso for minor changes in food and beverages ordered by the web shop may occur.


      If you wish to complain about your purchase, please madklubben@madklubben.dk.

      If we are unable to find a solution, you have the opportunity to file a complaint to the Consumer Board of Complaints, Carl Jacobsens vej 33, 2500 Valby, if the conditions for this are met.

      Personal Data Politics

      You can see our full data policy here


      You can read about our use of cookies here.


      We add proviso of the right to change the terms and conditions and the price of any goods without prior notice. The terms and conditions, that apply at any time, can be found at madklubben.dk

      Settling in court

      Your purchase of any goods or services with us is under all circumstances subject to Danish law, unless otherwise is stated in mandatory rules.

      Any disagreements, that we can’t determine amicably, are settled by the ordinary Danish courts, unless otherwise is stated in mandatory rules.

      Contact information

      If you have any questions about these terms of purchase, please feel free to contact us at madklubben@madklubben.dk.


      Madklubben ApS
      CVR: 37284599
      Østergade 22, 3
      1100 København K
      Phone: +45 33 32 32 34